Manchester United Strikers need to step up

seriously hii club inaniudhi, we have the best defence in the league and the best goalkeeper in the world but the worst attack in the league

we have the best Goalkeeper in the league


The best defence in the league


but now let’s compare the attack and we are horrendous


we are not going to win anything with such an attack. Mancity has Aguero, Sterling, Sane, Jesus banging goals like crazy, I think the only player who hasn’t scored in that team is their goalkeeper. Liverpool has Salah, Firmino and Mane banging the goals. PSG has Neymar, Cavani and Mbappe, Real has Barca has Messi, Suarez and Paulino.

Let’s be honest, you cannot win anything without at least 3 players scoring more than ten goals a season or two good players scoring a good number of goals. Our great defence and is not helping us in any way when we have a shitty attack that doesn’t score goals we will just have a million draws. My favourite team of all time was the average 2006-2009 team of CR, Rooney, Tevez, Berbatov, Nani. these guys used to score lots of goals between them and we even won the league 3 times in a row, won the champions league and featured in like 3 champions league finals. hiiya saa hizi Lukaku, Sanchez and Martial need to step up or ship out


Nliswitch to La Liga the day nliona Man Utd hata walete Messi itakua the same so i only support this club partly, Barca all the way mpaka tuwin treble this year and make sure Real Madrid go cupless

Leicester City did it with only vardy and mahrez scoring goals. That same season arsenal didn’t win despite giroud and sanchez scoring over 10 goals.

the second part of the quoted statement…

1.Midfield mbovu
2.Lack of coaching tukifika attacking third
3.Selfish attacking players
4.Fullbacks wetu ni average

They won the EPL by having draws and collecting 1 point here and there.

hehehehe. @KeleleZa Chura zimeanza? tulia uone sanchez akikuwa top scorer epl after dogi zake zi acclimatize huko machester :D:D:D

nobody won it on only wins and losses

Tactics za mourihno ndio shida. We have good players up front he just doesn’t utilise them as he is supposed to

"PSG has Neymar, Cavani and Mbappe"

This young boy is all hype. Di Maria is a much better fit. Recently Mbappe was benched. They pitishad goals kama kitu vs Strasbourg.

Mbappe has 4 goals while Di has 7, and his accuracy is higher.

I agree though, ManU opened the league with fire. But of late, they’re very lacklustre.

You know what I mean ni kuelewa hutaki

And then the dogs start coming in as super subs or what?

Acha spear alete thesis of how you will bounce back and win every trophy with sanchez

Man city and chelsea say hi

But Sanchez will win every trophy ama?

Nimeweka stats hapo buda. Most clean sheets plus least number of goals conceded. Lets not argue over facts

hizo passes 1 million za Wenger anakulanga ama mbona haziingiangi kwa goal ?

in other news with Sanchez , Martial and Lukaku Manu has the best strikers . game ya mourinho ndio mbaya just change the coach leteni Pardew ama Allardyce muone mukichukua ligi

Lukaku hupotea when the team really needs him. Yeah and Mourinho is just a Portuguese Pulis.

huyo msaliti hukamua hizo dogi zake :D:D:D:D:D:D so coz of the change in environment ako on a serious dryspell…that has translated to his lackluster performance on the pitch.

wenger ni panya akwende huko, meffi yeye