Manchester united inauwa nyoka

Ole Gunner leo tuko nyuma yako as gunners , since united has a perfect away record .

Newcastle united 1
Manchieth united 3

Arsenal nayo?

Man U wanakojolewa leo like shit, final score, Newcastle 2-1 Man U

As a Chelsea die hard fan and if things go tits up as they often do, I lend ‘sofa watching support’ to ManCity, so niko nyuma ya the Geordies…

Niaje mrogi.

They might win today. Chelshit to draw or lose.

Chelsea is going to beat Southampton… for sure. So that is in our bag already kikik. After all we live in hope…sisi.

Sioni mukipiga soton

Thread Ni ya manchieth united

We will chapa them…I know I preach let us never underestimate these mashambani boys… but we live in hope…

Ni maombi tu sasa, those three coaches wako ligi moja, Ole, Lampard na Unai. Hata sisi Bournemouth tuko 50-50

Mod pls yawaa isie kata koo…wetu haitwi Lambard. His name is Frank LamPard. Oki?
Dude the B and the P.

Uwache Ku shrub in writing , ngombe

Who thought you KiLuhya, that must be a Wanga from Mumias.

Yes my Luyha ex did, pls mod it is not thought, it is taught…we have exhausted this topic…‘me and Ken-saro.’

Sawa, please don’t post anything about Arsenal today, uko na swara ya a black cat.

Hio team Si ijui tafadhali

Lampard is doing really well considering he didn’t sign any player… Hii season Manchieth U, Everton, na Totte wako whatsapp group moja. Leicester for top 4 finish.

Acheni kupraise mediocrity. Chelsea team has sufficient squad to win titles. Ni nini wamekosa?