Manchester United :Drawford curse

I’m a die-hard Manchester United fanatic. I watch all their matches religiously. It’s the team I fell in love with back in 2006. Having been spoilt by Fergie where going into any match we were the big favorites, it’s taken a heavy toll on me having to get accustomed to sub-par performances post Fergie era.
When Mourinho took over there was some reprieve considering his illustrious past and I hoped his strong mentality would rub off on the rather average team he found. It was not to be.
We’re now 25 games unbeaten in the league but those 10 draws at home are infuriating to say the least.
Today’s draw with Swansea was so predictable and that’s what makes it worse. It was characteristic of previous stalemates at home with the likes of Burnley, stoke and Arsenal… Bottling chances after chances,weak mentality and mediocrity.
The once vibrant Old Trafford has now been christened Drawford.

I just want the glory days back.
Regardless, RED DEVIL till death.

Millennial kihii

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Fvck United, we are bored with the draws.

From the record I observed (before this match), United got the second lowest goals scored against in the whole EPL this season after T.Hotspurs. Going for the goals scored for the team, in the top seven, they have the least scored goals with around 50 whilst teams like Chelsea and Hotspurs got around 69. Actually, United are the only ones with goals in the 50 range (compared to the other top 6 teams). This stats give you an idea where Jose needs to focus on building when the next season start.

For me, as much as the draws are way too much and demoralizing, I think Jose in general has done much for the team. I for once did not expect any manager to wake the team up with just a season’s time. Jose has managed to bring some little fight and confidence from the team and he can only get better two or three seasons from now. He just needs to play his cards right when it comes to the transfer coz a lot is at stake including De Gea who has been formidable in the last 3 or so years.

But regardless, there lacks the depth of a team that wants to reach top four…
Still believe we can beat Celta Vigo and proceed to Europa league final.

You fell in love with the this team when it was at its peak.
I started supporting utd in 1996 and I can tell you it has not been easy…
And then do not expect the team to be champs in every season. That’s very naive.
To appreciate the team, go back to its over a 109 year old legacy and learn about the triumphs, the trophies and the bitter relegations.

I become a JUVENTUS fan in 1996. I was a small boy then. Conte was playing midfield, Ciro Ferreira alikuwa one of the best defenders. Those days EPL tulikuwa tunawatch highlights tu. Champions league ndio tulikuwa tunawatch live pale KBC a true sports partner.

I feel you bro. Man U ya 98-99 naiheshimu mpaka leo, enzi za kina Teddy Sheringham, Giggs, Ole Guna… Wlitutoa semis nikakubali, they went ahead kuchapa Bayern in the finals pale Camp Nou, ref akiwa Collino macho kubwa.

In my opinion, being top four was a goal that had been a task by itself way from the start. Jose did say he was focused more on changing the team first when the season kicked off and had actually ruled out on wining anything (or doing something ‘major’) this season. So again, for me, the team has tried much even if they fail to take the fourth spot or above given that the team was on a downhill spiral some seasons back. My major concern now is the constant injuries lining up one game after the other. Even the Europa games are now on the line coz of this. To be a United manager right now honestly is one hell of a stress.

In all honesty i think we will make it…can you imagine where we would be if we did not have all this injuries. Like todays goal wouldn’t have gone in juu we did not have any tall player in the wall. I could feel it was going to go in. Regardless…paul pogba is back in celta, mata is back as well, pia fellaini will be eligible. I do believe we will make it.

Wazito tunawaona. in those years, I was never a football fan and I recall in my estate in Buru, I would always think that “Manchester” was a great footballer’s nickname :D:D. There was no gugu for me to verify on that and so I remained ignorant for a while till the 98 world cup ndio nikakuwa nafahamu footballers na some of the European clubs too. And in that world cup, I just watched the final and supported France coz they had blue shirts on. But since then, I became a football fanatic.

Eti depth? The squad is just as good as any big team in Europe.

Ni kama team imerogwa; funny injuries through out the last stretch of the season. If the players you mentioned will be fit for the remaining Europa games, then I have hopes for that cup lakini EPL naona tuko mbaya. The games against Arsenal and Spurs can turn everything belly up given that some simple games like this one should have been a 3 pointer.

Dude, as long as the likes of Lingard keep getting first team starts should tell you there’s inadequate.
We’re the biggest team in England FFS.
We’re lacking competitive quality.

You and who?

True, it is crazy how a team like arsenal played on wenesday and are playing on sunday while us a team that played on thursday plays on sunday. Game are coming in thick and fast. Ni mungu tu. I hear the returning date for smalling and jones is may 14th…

Manchester United fraternity… Maswali za unongwe uwache

Lol, you mentioned Smalling and Jones and just recalled how an article I read a while back, claimed that Jose was very furious with the two for not trying hard enough to “overcome” their injuries and play for the derby that ended 0-0. Anyway, I hope they’ll be back for good though. Mata’s story on the other hand shows that miracles can indeed happen. The guy was ruled out for the rest of the season but he managed to pop up on the sideline against Swansea though did not feature at any point in the game. With this in mind, I hope big miracles will happen to Roho and Zlatan. With such an end to the season (and the games all over as you said), the team needs everyone on their feet. Hata yule Timothy.

Not that I have big hopes resting on smalling and jones, they are just injuries and fuck ups waiting to happen. But at least they will relieve the struggles of height at the back. I know I would love them gone but I know Jose will not sell them but he will buy replacements.

Exactly. The thing with Jose, if you don’t put much effort or if he sees that his game formations and plans in general will not involve you, even if you got Messi’s talent, he’ll just do away with you. I realized his no nonsense approach when he booted Mata from Chelsea whilst at the time he was in top notch. This is one reason why I believe that, after a season with the team, he knows very well who to work with and who to replace come August.