manchester united away kit next season


perfect for Europa

The things that excite Manutd fans nowadays
[li]Moving from 6th to 5th[/li][li]Beating 3rd grade clubs in war torn countries on Thursday nights[/li][li]Drawing 1-1 in half of the season’s games and claiming to have an unbeaten run[/li][li]Next season’s kit.[/li][/ol]

Not bad, so long as 2 is a great chance of winning a trophy and champions league spot.

What team support you?

Arsenal fans dissing Manchester uniteds kit na wao wanavaanga skin tight juu hawana pesa za kununua loose fabric…

:)kuwa mpole

  1. Winning the coin toss when the match is about to start

iyo kupayuka yako itaisha tu this season tuko better we have won a cup and we are step to the finals of a big competition in europe

You are talking about the EFL and Europa league right?

eeeh sasa nihesabia zako

ni kuokoa shillingi

[SIZE=6]On Friday this happens. Look and weep[/SIZE]

The trophy cabinet at Old Trafford lacks only one trophy, the Europa league cup, naona this season hio nafasi ikijazwa.

  1. Moment Fellaini is subbed off…

@spear team yako nalemewa…

Chelsea won the Europa League in 2013 and I don’t remember being overly excited the way Manutd fans are this time


Vile @Mr Black amesema. Two trophies in Mourinho first season is a success. Either way I’m proud of our 25 man squad, played their heart out, LVG had improved their technical skills but Jose build up their passion and game tactics. Despite the constant injuries, on/off form and bad luck the team is still great. I believe we are 2-3 signing to be the greatest team again. My trust is fully on the team and Mourinho.

Guka Wenger ata retire lini by the way?