Manchester Derby - Carabao cup

[li]Man City are seeking a fourth successive Carabao Cup triumph[/li][li]Man United last won the competition in 2017 - Solslkjaer looking to reach first final as United boss[/li][li]Winner faces Tottenham in final on 25 April - two months later than originally scheduled[/li][/ol]
@Wanaruona and @Electronics4u tunanukisha kitunguu ama kuna kabadiri kiasi?

Juve, Milan Moto zaidi

Ole at the wheel
Manure - 0
Man city - 5

Twanga ua hizo umbwa

Sawa we shall revisit later in a few hours

Aguero is starting

niko nyuma ya msito Pep,

Manchieth wawekwe in their place wajue that team is a paper tiger, quicksand at the moment zero talent , (hakuna tofauti ya Rashford, Nketiah na Willock all are shit players belonging to average teams like newcastle or leeds ) in the team with a clueless coach. muliacha Pochetinho akaenda sasa muta regret.

Manunited 1 -------- Mancity 3

Shindwe Swara.

Man shitty tuna wakanyaga kama umbwa kohkoh.

We will end City’s dominance in this competition today. I just hope Bailly starts instead of Lindelof.

keep dreaming but usijali you will wake up at around 12 to the loss

Concentrate on your relegation battle. A win today will give the players the confidence to go all the way and win the premier league title, This cup is just an added bonus.

Xity to win 3-0

:D:D:D:D:D keep dreaming with confidence sir na utafute @Electronics4u at 1 am you drown your sorrows after the loss

Niaje shipoto

Sisi kama united hatutishwi

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millan vs Juventus

Swara Ghaseer!

poleni ngombe nyinyi munapigwa nyumbani kama wajinga

Manxhieth cant even win a $10k cup na wanangoja EPL

Leta hio makende hapa, even aguero didnt play. Fake team mnafungwa na madefender kama watoto