Manchester city vs Everton

Fast paced game, back and forth. Rooney has finally found the wherewithal to score na venye alikuwa maembe akiwa United. 0-1 to Everton.
Na btw nimeona hosea mourinho hapo kwa stands akifanya homework ya mancity…:D:D:D

Walker ameleta upuzi ya WHL akauma nje

napenda Sana’a

Walker amepatiwa his walking orders…ameuma red…hehehe…ni kubaya for pep.

Very proud of Rooney. His 200 EPL goal milestone has been accomplished. Only Allan Shearer has ever reached that milestone. Even better its at Man city.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Wazza, Man Utd Legend.


50th, 150th and 200th goal against Man city.


niaje jirani

Mourinho wanted to feel like the boss so he wanted to undertake a coup by first removing every trace of Alex Ferguson, so that all success will be attributable to him, so rooney had to be frustrated and sold. Again Mourinho is a showman, he couldnt accomodate another showman (rooney was what represents man utd) and therefore mr. manchester utd had to leave

Poa Kidinyi

I beg to differ significantly. It was never about mourinho but Rooney’s game…he has slowly withered under moyes, van gall and finally jose.
He could not play at a high level anymore. He was holding back rashford and would currently be holding back lukaku and martial. Everybody at Manchester United was relieved when he left…


You know nothing about Man Utd.

Valencia, De Gea, Smalling, Jones are still strong players under Jose. All are Sir Alex players. Even Moyes recruits of Fellaini and Mata play almost every game. LVG signings of Martial, Blind and Darmian are constant players. Rashford and Lindgard have also continued their rise under Jose as they did for LVG.

Sir Alex played a big role in convincing Jose to join Man Utd.

Your criticism of Jose fits perfectly with gossip columns and opposing fans skewed view. For example in his first interview after Jose signed as Man Utd manager, he was in MUTV and he said he has finally joined a club that’s bigger than him and all players. Man Utd. Rooney also said he asked to return home to Everton since he knew he couldn’t start ahead of the new stars as he wished. Jose turned him down twice before emotionally agreeing to let him go. Man Utd board waved his last year contract fee compensation that Everton was meant to pay to sign him. This was a kind gesture to say thanks for the glorious 12 years service and thanks too that Everton gave us the chance to have him back then.

Kweli wewe ni jirani.


Wee sterling amewekelea mkuki ingine noma hehee. I don’t see Everton paying that one

De Gea, Valencia, Smalling etc dont represent the core Briton that Rooney does, they are actually ‘outsiders’ in the british soccer society. They dont identify with the ‘british hold’ of man utd like rooney did. So he had to go somehow, mourinho couldnt accomodate another entitled in his fold. You may disagree but it doesnt change the facts

One thing that saved Rooney career is actually his wife. High school sweetheart Coleen. Media presenter but with traditional family values. A home maker. She grounded Rooney during his wild early years before he fully matured. There was a revealing TV interview about their lives together when the wife revealed Rooney is very simple and grounded. His football, his family and occasionally drinks with the mates in the pub. If he get those three then life is a breeze for him. In Sir Alex book, he praised her as well since when Rooney was approached by Real Madrid by Jose ironically, she told him, she wouldn’t move, not quit her job or leave her family to chase a European dream/nightmare.

So you are an expert on “British hold” then explain to me why blue eyed boy Jones is less Brit than Rooney or in that case Smalling. Both are English senior nationals. What about when Jose built Chelsea around another two Brits called lampard and Terry. What you are insuniating about Jose is wrong. Just say you don’t like him and its fine. Creating stuff to justify them is wrong.

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That is true. Coleen anakuwanga very simple and you never see her showing off on social media like other footballers wives. I hear she is getting a fourth child too.
Personally i loved rooney especially when they teamed up with RVP. I will never forget when he scored against city with that overhead kick.


Aguero proved again he is a cheat. Sneiderlin has kept him down the whole match so he faked an foul to get him off. That is why he will go down as a good player but not a great player. Rooney on the other hand is a living and playing legend. Tough draw for Everton, played very well and matched man city stride to stride the whole match.

Cant agree no more.Aguero can’t be great if his goals tally is full of penalties that are suspiciously awarded.

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pep is killing Agueros career. Just think back to Mancini’s time, who was the most feared striker in the whole premier league?

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not really. a striker can be so good that no manager would dare mess things up. Aguero’s time is up. age is catching up plus really he has won what he can realistically win at citeh. i would not be surprised if he moves and suddenly becomes lethal once again.