Managerless Bayern

Carlo Ancelotti is officially jobeless after kupokea kichapo at the hands of PSG…

Willy Sagnol will take over as a caretaker manager lakini squad imechoka.

That is how things are done, some idiot would have come up with a thousand excuses and in reward the owners would add another two years on his contract. Remember PSG is not a small team.

True the lads are aging

Man City’s Sergio Aguero suffers fractured rib in car accident

Miti inaendelea kuteleza for city. They have also lost their defender Benjamin Mendy for up to 9 months due to an anterior cruciate ligament injury.

Squad iko sawa it looks like they didn’t adapt well to Ancelotti’s tactics, since Pep left this squad’s performance nose dived downwards.

Chelsea might win against Mancity

Wadau nimechoka kulipia dstv nipeeni option ingine yenye inaonyesha epl na champions league

Tafuta Dr luther ama meria mata

Hio accident imetumwa na chelski

enda kwa fta iptv section and read from page one, ukimaliza ukuje

I actually blame Pep for Bayern’s problems. He went there to introduce his tit taka shit and messed Bayern up

Actually pia kuna issue ya wages, on average big teams like Real, Barca and bayern won’t be able to control the transfer market like before. More clubs in EPL can now afford to buy expensive players.

Jesus will perform serious miracles…:smiley:

Ngoja uone venye performance itageuka in their next match.
Wenger si aende huko awasaidie kusink…

Hehe uyo Christensen atakwama na yeye.My main problem ni Bernado Silva aanza alafu Conte aweke cahill,Chelsea itapigwa tano

Mendy angekuwa, angeleta shida sana na hizo crosses zake.

Waaah But depth yao ya defence si mbaya pia.Danillo might start kwa io game.My problem is Chelsea hatuna luiz.Cahill nowadays ni useless.Would like to see Zappacosta start for Moses+ Rudiger na Christensen at the back.Cahill ni useless +Moses amechoka juu ya ile game ya wensday.

chelsea will not be able to keep up na hio midfield ya citeh.
naona mancity ikishinda 2-1