Man whores here's how to live with herpes

Kissing can give you herpes and its incurable

We all know puthy is a hive for all manners of bacteria, fungi and viruses. any man who dares go raw dogging a female needs to ready for infections.

Pewa guarana mbili moto

Not scared of those

Are you stupid? Every body has a plethora of bacteria in their gut and many other parts of their bodies. As usual you want to blame women for the fact that men are wreck less hoes. Haven’t you heard of a sane, sober man having sex with a prostitute with no condom then rushing to hospital for prep or pep? You people are insane. Totally insane. That thing you have between your legs is a curse. This girl was a virgin now she has an incurable STD after her first sexual partner. The guy knows very well he’s sick and he’s infecting virgins. Hio ni criminal.

Herpes and some STIs are still transmittable even with a condom on. They just require skin contact with an infected person and the infection can be silent.

Here it is. Gosh. I didn’t know that it was this bad. This is a horror movie. Dang. People should stop having sex. Looks really painful.