Man utd fans planning further protests


…read somewhere man u will have their points reduced. Aki si hizo ghaseer zichome old Trafford.

They should be deducted enough points to kick them out of the champions league. After that Man U management should identify the 200 troublemaking chieths and ban them for life.

Na hii game ya Chelsea kwani haiko Kwa DStv? Jana DStv didn’t broadcast live the man city game.

Have you tried streaming? Totalsportek has links

Want to try tonight. Have an app. Siwezi taka kumis hii mechi. Want to see the genius side of tuchel Vs zizou. However, regardless of who wins tonight man city will emerge victorious at the end. How I wish twas arsenal…

Never ever!
Tema hio ama u @MERIA MATE

…that is if real Madrid go past Chelsea.

I also hope City win the final and I think they will stand a better chance if they play Chelshit rather than Real Madrid.

Weekend game will be UCL rehearsal.

PSG must be feeling very stupid right now.