Man -united.

I have been supporting the players of the outfit but it seems if I continue with the fanatsism I might end up on the beach by an Arsenal fan waiting for ulcer checks.
In as far as today is Sportspesa seems to be the jovial hyena thanks to my fanatsism heading to my wallet.
All the same :(:(:eek: am still watching.

Everton inaua nyoka.

Round hii man United wameona more than they contemplated.

Feck everton … What were they playing for

But, Man Utd’s position in the top four is safe considering Liverpool drew against Aston Villa yesterday.

Not if they maintain the trend man.
Possession without wins seems to describe them. Live fools are just 7pts away having 12 available points.

@ klev pool wako game less na team gani & united needs points ngapi to lock top 4…?

Liverpool got Hull,Qpr,chelsea,crystal and stoke in that order.
Whereas man got West brom,Crystal, Arsenal and Hull in that order leaving Liverpool with a pool of 16 available points.

Liverpool got 15 points to play for while united needs 8/12 arsenal should win it today to keep chelsea intrested.,.

Arsenal winning today seems just that, wishful theory so far.
But they got a hell of a game.

I don’t understand why in the epl, English teams seem all to be pretty competitive but on an international scale, they all as poor as fuck. Even Chelsea which I had a far feeling it may be their season to outshine real Madrid, bayern and barca.

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Bayern and Barca are just in a league of their own man.Just can’t wait for their mouth watering (or eye glistening) whatever you fancy clash.
But as you say I guess epl clubs need finesse.

Luckily for me I watch these games without having a favourite team.I just enjoy a good football game and for those getting addicted to sportpesa, ole wenu.

Lucky you, we are faithful to our affiliations to a sickening level.

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@ sabretooth its all about technique epl teams aren’t there yet that bar teams like arsenal & man u nowadays @Mathice sportpesa made a killing today

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Second that, they got me twice.

The rains are fading my reception.

EPL teams also need to sign high quality players but it seems they can’t compete with Madrid/ Barca &Bayern .

It’s not about the players ( they have quite a number of superb high quality players, for instance take Di Maria,Hazard,et al), I guess what they lack is proficiency in training.
Take Barca for example, they have quite a foundation so good that despite having had a number of coach shuffling, they manage to remain de la creme in their game.

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Speaking of barca, for how long has this team been banned from doing their transfers?