Man u 2018/19 Home Kit

Is it worthy of a buy?


si mbaya lakini hamtashinda kikombe hii season as a Man City fan the only teams I’m afraid of are Liverpool and Tottenham. Those two are going to be our biggest competitors

The kits is in honour of the railway workers who formed the club more than a century ago. The black lines represent the train tracks they laid across the city and just behind the South End of Old Trafford. Its also the first time we will be wearing black shots in the home kit. That I love, the more black the better.

I for one love it and in a few weeks time I will have the long sleeves top and track suit.


Stop hating!!!

Why are you afraid of number 3 and 4 instead of No.2??? GGMU

I love the Home Kit, but it’s a a miss for me

Hope the away Kit will be a better design


Very very,very very gay response…

I will watch the football whether they play in the nude or not.



Am a man u fan too, just being real and calling it out as it is.

When Man UTD was a football club

Man city fan?? When did you start watching football or you jumped ship?


He jumped ship.

I was a Liverpool supporter for a long time lakini vile Guardiola alijoin Man city nikahamia huko I really like the guy ata akiwa bayern na Barcelona nilikuwa nafuata hizo teams

You make the most interesting comments

Decent kit.
I’d say 7.5/10.

I’m a Gooner, that’s better than what PUMA has been giving us. Can’t wait for that wretched contract to run out. Hope we also go Adidas or revert to Nike (very unlikely).

Oooh, nimeelewa sasa