Man turns into rat and steals from pple

Simon Mofokeng (20) from
Dunusa, in southern Joburg
explained to the People’s
Paper how he used muthi to
turn into a rat at night.
“At night I go down to a
stream wearing my sangoma
clothes, carrying a wooden
statue on my back like a
baby,” he said.
“Then I throw a bottle into
the water and I wait. And
soon I start turning into a
rat that can get into any
locked house.”
Simon did three years of
twasa, but now he has
become the slave of a
sangoma boss.
“I have stolen flour and
money from many houses
and the woman in charge of
me pays me R1 000 a
month,” he said.
But on Monday last week
his dark secret came to
light when he got caught in
the outside toilet of Julia
Nhlapho’s (52) house in
Dunusa last Monday.
“I was on my way to rob the
house but I was tired and
fell asleep in the toilet,” he
According to Simon, he
must have turned back into
human being in his sleep,
because he was caught at
1am wearing his sangoma
Julia said her son found
Simon in their outside
“I was using the indoor
toilet and my son went to
the toilet outside,” said
“Then I heard my son
scream that there was a
sangoma in the toilet.”
Simon apparently got
through a gap in the top of
the toilet door but he was
caught again.
Simon told Julia that he had
been in her house to steal
before and Julia confirmed
her money regularly
disappeared from the
“I always thought it was my
son who was stealing my
money but Simon could tell
me where I had hidden my
money and how much he
had stolen.
“Then I believed him,” she
Simon was beaten by the
community and was forced
to take them to the four
gogos that he allegedly
works for.
“But they denied
everything,” said Julia.
A relative of Simon who did
not want to be named said
that as Christians they
never suspected that their
son could be involved in
such evil deeds.
“We want him to leave his
life of darkness and be a
better person,” said the
Sangoma Ntsimb’edlezinye
Ngema told Daily Sun it is
possible for a human being
to be turned into a rat.
“Very evil people use strong
muthi mixed with a rat
skeleton and something
that belongs to the victim
to turn him or her into a
rat,” said Ngema.
“Rats can steal any small
items like wallets, cash and
SIM cards.”
Unemployed Simon said his
sangoma boss cheated him
because he was desperate
for money. “It would be a
lot easier for me if I had a
job,” he said.[ATTACH=full]103[/ATTACH]