Man sues striper says they were in a relationship

A stripper is claiming that
one of her customers is
taking her to the small
claims court to get his
money back, according to a
Nomi, who works at strip
club in Houston, Texas
told radio station News 92
that she went out with a
customer named Robert on
a few separate occasions.
Now Robert is suing her to
get back about $3,000
worth of Harry Potter
DVDs, a laptop and cash.
Nomi told the station that
she had never heard of a
customer suing a stripper.
“I just don’t understand
how this person can sue
me for money that he
freely gave. I would never
have even taken it had I
known I had to pay it
Robert told the station
that he thought he and
the Nomi were in a
“We started going on
dates, going out to
places,” he said. “I helped
a little bit here and there,
with money here and
there. Because she was
staying with me for a
while because we actually
had a relationship.”