Man shitty inachunisha Chelshit skuma

@Waithelelo wa Kush have my shoulder to lean and cry on

Your headline does not do the story justice; it should be " Bloodbath at Etihad."
I am lucky we lost power at the be ginning of the game.

Ata siangalii Tena.
Chelshit ni meffi

Chelsea can score five times and stage a comeback

Hii ata na ombitho haiwesmek. Niku ndiarara

Mwalimu @gashwin I told you Man City will wipe the floor with Chelsea…and Aguero missed a sitter.

Kush I have poured my pain here and moved on, this embarassment is beyond repair. Well it is EPL at it’s best and worst. Now please spare a thought for loaded folk who hold expensive season tickets and are watching hii ndurama hapo live. Yaani you travelled all the way from Lando to Manchester i.e one of my bosses to witness such a shellacking.

I admire your optimism but realism is also something. I knew our season was shit when we started with Giroud and ile ngombe ingine Hata nimesahau jina as “strikers”.

Told you chief. The lineup given ndio moto

The backend servers of Chelsea have been thoroughly shafted

Chelsea is going no where…they will compete for 5th spot with Arsenal…Yours truly, Man U fan…



Penda saaaaana

Hio ngombre ni Moo-rata

Tears of joy. Si niliwaambia.

@Mrs Shosho wacha tu nikulambe magoti


I wanted these goals to be six or more, zisipofika zitaniharibia hesabu:mad:

Woi 6-0