Man rams range rover into seven cars

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Ndio huyu,

what really happened…

Drunk driving, ametoweka pia:

Police are searching for a man identified as Charles Imunde whose Range Rover vehicle rammed 6 other cars in Hazina Estate in Nairobi’s South B on Tuesday. Imunde is said to have disappeared shortly after he was released from Nairobi Hospital. He was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and is also believed to have been speeding leading to the accident. Imunde had been admitted in hospital for treatment following injuries he sustained from the collision. Resisting arrest is likely to be added to his other offences of careless and dangerous driving and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Hii ndio shida ya kupata pesa nyingi, inakuwasha.but seriously this guy is dumb, range ni kitu 15m na anarent nyumba, kweli ujinga ni talanta.

hahaha myb amejenga south b