man kush anachoma


Only a fool won’t believe him

Its the truth.
Have you ever listened to kiheee…sorre kifee. He was a save dee inside his shush and he always laments how gullible he was.

Yeah. but because we have many fools in the house… What do you expect?

Kwanza nowdays naona tv ziko na many gospel channels akina big nose Pastor Manyoro performing fake miracles and collecting huge tithes…i pity the followers. Mimi kama kuna chunrch naweza enda ni the old onces by the missionaries akina Catholic, pcea, Aic and the likes. They are more reserved than the overnight churches

Heri wewe unaenda kwa missionary. Mimi nilionaga ujinga iko kwa church nikasema heri nijiombee tuu.

I have a close relative working with these missionary church and a very prominent religious man as other refer him. But mimi nimekaa na yeye for years and the guy is not even religious at all. He says he is doing business na kila mtu afuate nyayo ya business anaeza… kama nikucon watu church go for it. Kama ni kuuza fagi, uzaa

kwenda church is for fellowship. Ukitakata kutembea na Mungu ni very simple:
-fast 2 weeks a month( can be 3 days jump a week and fast again)

  • keep off from all petty vices.(immoral sex, gambling, stealing etc)
  • Help others.
    Within 6 months you will be a different person.

This concept will see you heal even cancer, perform miracles and understand so many spiritual things.

I lost faith too.used to go to aic but nowdays kuna mchango kila siku. Mara this mara that…there is never a break from kuchanga…nimeanza pia kuombea kejani…tithe i rather take the cash to homeless in the streets

Hizo missionaries zote blatant hypocrisy imejaa kwanza SDA,Catholic,pcea…saidia homeless kuchanga wazee wa church board waibe.Kuna mmoja aliletea cousin yangu woodworker contract ya PCEA whiteboard za kanisa.Alipopewa quote anasema ainflate 300%.So later after finance committe members walikagua wakaona place iko official wakarelease funds kwa huyo mzee.Mzee alikua anafinya hata zile original materials…ndio habaki na 250%.Stingy,micro managing, corrupt and rotten soul to the core.Infact hapo ndio alijua wanaosema…mwizi hapendi kuibiwa.Mzee alikua hawk- eyed hata anaenda kujinunulia materials.Na sema aliandikiwa contact glue 10 litres,pin nails ni 3 kg,ananunua nusu nusu haamani.Ikiisha anaenda ananua 1/4… safari kumi…wee…cuzo alikua amesinyika aje.

Kanisa zote ni ujinga ya mzungu, just like Islam ni wendawazimu ya mwarabu period. Ukitaka true liberation don’t go to any of those as a black man but worship the God of your ancestors quietly.
Hii ingine ni takataka tuliletewa ili tuwe easily colonised, brainwashed and controlled by the white demon

Kumbuka mchango inakulwa tu hapo kwa pullpit.

People are opening their eyes , only @messiahette and his gang of white cock suckers are stuck in white man religion

Of what use does it benefit a man to acquire the world and spend eternity in hell?
Mucheso na @Jehovah Wanyonyi tuwache na Sio tafadhali!!!

They start well but get corrupted by society or financial pressures and go worldly. They start selling the need to belong and the social benefits that comes with it. They keep records of your givings and pressure you not to give anonymously. Coercion, manipulation and exploitation starts, before you know it you are competing hard to please and show off like the rest.

Negroes get pissed when I tell them that Christianity was sold to us and we bought it in wholesale.

Water is wet and the Duchess Sheboon is bone dry…

Are you one of those airheaded Kikuyu/traditional spiritualists who worship while facing kirinyaga mountain or whatever it is the direction you folks face just so your old ancestors orgasm at the site of their descendants following blindly and stringently ?

Elder @Heke amesema mara mingi church ni umama…hypocrisy personified