Man kills lover

A 33- year-old US citizen has been
arrested for killing his girlfriend and
eating her organs . HuffPost reports
with reference to WAVE3 that Joseph
Oberhansley from Indiana allegedly
stabbed Tammy Jo Blanton to death
before eating portions of her brain ,
lungs and heart .
The statement released on Monday
says the late victim called police on
September 11 saying that
Oberhansley was trying to get into
her house.
The police arrived and drove the
man away. However several hours
later the officers arrived again upon
request of the woman ’s co- workers to
discover the victim in a pool of blood
in a bathtub , with her skull cut out .
The police report provided that
Oberhansley confessed “to cooking a
section of her brain and eating it ”.
Oberhansley also acknowledged
having eaten her heart and part of
her lungs, according to the report .
Joseph Oberhansley .
The suspect’ s problems with law
started long time ago , with his
criminal record dating back to at
least 2000 when he was convicted of
manslaughter and attempted murder
of his 17 -year- old girlfriend Sabrina
Elder . The young woman delivered a
baby, fathered by Oberhansley , just
days before the murder.
He spent in jail 12 years and was
released on parole in 2012 . Soon he
was involved in attacking a customer
in a bar , resisting arrest, months
later he was arrested for erratic
driving .
Following the last incident late
Blanton paid a $ 1 ,000 bond to
secure his release identifying herself
as a “ fiancée ” in court .
Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull
narrated after the cruel murder that
he realized the man was dangerous
and tried to raise the bond , however
another prosecutor lowered the
“I felt he was dangerous, I was right ,
he was. And he was released without
my knowledge . That devastates me. ”

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