man hangs himself on skype

26 year old Russian man Serger
Kirilov (pictured above) wanted to
commit suicide and so he went on
Skype and announced that he
planned to commit suicide and said
anyone who wanted to see it could
link to him on Skype.
Shockingly, many people linked up
to him and watched him hang
himself without trying to stop him.
One spectator even allegedly said ‘a
real man would have killed himself
more quickly.’ Another said ‘If a man
says he’s going to do something, he
needs to do it.’ Only one person
tried to stop him.
Russian police are now trying to
trace all the people who watched
the suicide through their internet
service providers. A Russian police
spokesman said ‘It is beyond belief
that people could watch this as a
form of entertainment. We will be
investigating everyone who watched
this incident, especially those who
urged him to carry it out who may
be guilty of negligent homicide.’

The internet is turning out to be quite something, anyway weka picha tuone.

hihi naweka kua mpole…dont worry