This guy finds out his son isn’t his real son and throws the mother and the son off his car


He went easy on her. She deserved it and worse. That’s a very level-headed fella. These hoes can scam a nigga for 18 years.

He didn’t follow protocol. He should have started by separating the woman and her bastard from his House

Incase akizaa, next day DNA . Hio ni miscellaneous expenses of child birth. I dont care vile nitabebwa

He will end up paying child support regardless . Poor guy

@TrumanCapote , what you say ?

Its funny how majority of black women in that tweet are defending the kunguru.

I feel so bad for that little innocent baby,
what a cruel, sick world.

Don’t feel bad, these are the laws of nature, actually in animal kingdom they are normally killed

Rusha hao inje.

Just let her live in the car if she can…change the locks to the house.

No one gets a chance to select his parents, it is inhumane to treat a kid that way. He should have excercised a little patient till both are out of the car and just drive away.

He threw her into the streets where she belongs.

It’s crazy the amount of women who are defending the cheater. It’s like 99% of them.

People hate taking care of kids that aren’t their own. It’s the mothers fault for putting the kid in that situation. Huko Middle East women get stoned in public for such things, huyu ako na bahati

The baby is out but she is fighting with all she got to remain in the car :mad: yaani huyo mtoi ni object tu ya kufunga alpha meo

takataka zitupwe nje. no matter how much you love your woman secret DNA lazima after birth

the curse this motherfucker will get for throwing out a kid and his mother out of a car he will never recover, passing down your genes is not as important as being a decent human being, “nature always finds a way, never get in the way”

Here we go with the feminist bullcrap… I agree the way he handled the kid was wrong but I have no empathy for the mother… she has probably committed to him to paying child support for another man’s kids for fucking 18yrs. That shit will make you go nuts.

Hata mimi na kick her to the curb