According to the man, who shared his story on social media, he was surprised since he is not always at home and never used condoms while getting intimate with his wife.

However, the rubbers were found in the drainage after it experienced blockage. “I was told the toilet suddenly stopped flashing properly and that there was backflow. I was surprised because it’s a fairly new house,” he said.

The man owns a motorcycle spare part shop in Nairobi and he would spend most of the time in the shop. Little did he know that his wife of five years and the mother of his two children was having ‘good time’ in his house with another man while he was away at work.

"I called my plumber to check out the problem after my wife informed me about the issue. I was so shocked when he called to tell me what the problem was, fifty used condoms that were blocking the system. The plumber was poking fun at me thinking that I was the one using them.

On her part, my wife also said she was "equally surprised," the businessman continued.

Kunguru ni nani :D:D:D:D

plumber had time to count near rotte filthy stuff? i smell lies.

kunguru hafugiki

@tall mnyama everywhere your wife @T.Vercetti anatombwa kila mahali


You mean the Plumber had the audacity to count them up by obviously stirring the slurry shit?! :meffi: :smiley:

Hizo ni tabia za kishoga kama hao wamejazana ktalk LEAD by the Chief himuselfu @uwesmake

At least She is keeping it safe.

My immediate question is. Was it one guy 50 times or 50 guys one time…?

No names, no location, no time means FAKE NEWS. Were they 50 or 60 btw?

She was definitely keeping the Continental House kwa “waheshimiwa” spirit going…

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Could also be 2 guys 25 times … or 4 guys 12.5 times :smiley:


Hii mambo ya mharo news tulikataa kitambo ssna,ama wewe ndio Dr mugwenu?

That right

You can see how excited bonobos are commenting about this obviously fake story.


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These are the kinds of stories that appear in the ‘Nairobian’