Man commits suicide in Kenya after Manchester Utd loss

This is stupidity of the highest order,

An alleged Manchester United fan committed suicide in Kilifi County in Kenya on Tuesday in the wake of Red Devil’s 2-1 defeat to Arsenal in FA quarter-final clash at Old Trafford.

The 42 year-old (name withheld) jumped from Kilifi Bridge into Indian Ocean and drowned hours after the ‘devils’ crashed out of the oldest competition in England.

Reports from friends say the deceased was heard bragging before d-day on how Louis Van Gaal’s charges will humiliate the Gunners, but as fate will have it, goals from defender Nacho Monreal and Danny Welbeck in either side of Wayne Rooney’s strike, sent the defending champions to Wembley.

another poor attempt for the Darwin Award

:(Kama ni champion’s league he would have killed his wife and kids too.
Very sad.:frowning:

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Disregard of life.

Hii mashoga za manyu zikikufa hatuna hasara.

hii mpira nikama mashetani

Labda yeye ndio alikuwa na swara…RIP

He was 42 y.o , SMH

He should have taken comfort that Man U are the only team who have not conceded a goal in UEFA Champions League this season.(Pun fully intended)


hope he had not sired…

Angeuwa a whole dozen man u fans

Mbisha hizi hapa
(advisory, pics may be disturbing)

Angelikuwa shabiki wa Dar es Salaam Young Africa FC , asingekuwa maiti kwa sasa.

Yanga Fc Die Hard Fan!