Man City wametuzoea.

Leo wamekipata. 4-2 …GGMU

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bado mko down


I smell MTU wa arsenal hapa. Next week tunawanyorosha.


An urdent man u fan, I like

Junkie wewe junkie kweli…

I wonder why people are asking pellegrini to be sacked. This guy isn’t in charge of signing players. There is a guy called Txixi (sp), ex Barcelona who signed flops like £32M mangala and sagna. So he should be the one taking the blame. City is like Spurs. Remember when Levy sold Bale and signed 7 or so flops. At the end of the season they blamed AVB. Anyway, if City sack him I wonder which good reputable coach is available to take over. Labda Pardew

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Feck off it feels good beating those c*nts manchester is RED…


Sio ya ujinga kaa uwesmakende…

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Had you ever heard of Pellegrini or even Mancini before City hired them.I bet you didn’t since most of you cunts follow only the Epl.There are many good quality coaches whom you’ve no idea about in other leagues.

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@ mathice true that most kenyans are ignorant on matters outside the epl …

Wacha kujifanya otero wa ball hapa thinking you are the only one who follows other leagues apart from EPL. Kwani wewe ndio hunishikia remote kujua which football matches I only watch?
FYI, I first knew Pellegrini in 2006 when Arsenal were playing Villareal in UCL . Apart from Barcelona, Real Madrid, Athletico, Juve, AC, Inter, Dortmund and Bayern, I don’t bother following any other team outside the EPL unless the game is of interest to me like UCL. & I got no apologies to make. Wewe kama unaona league zote za dunia, raha yako. Yes there may be good coaches in other leagues but they are good because their leagues are Shit and Non- competitive. The probability of Brendan Rodgers coaching another big team is higher than that of Celtic FC even though he may have more trophies

And yet you could only think of Pardew, a perpetual failure and a whore Epl coach?Quick quiz, how many teams has Pardew coached in the last 10 years and which is the best position they achieved.

I don’t know the best position he’s achieved because I’m only concerned with clubs in top 4 and relegation battles which I know his teams have not featured. The hustle of following all the 20 teams in EPL is not worth my time. However, to assess a coach’s performance, you need to review the position the team finishes vis a vis the players & budget at his disposal. That’s why coaches like Brendan Rodgers & Moyes were given chances at bigger clubs because they were punching above their weight.

Man city wanataka ule coach alikuwa wa Liverpool, ule fatso macho nne…na anaka kihara…anafuanana na paul heyman advocate wa brock lesnar wwe…nimemsahau jina. Lakini currently nafikiri ako spain or italy not sre

^^^Rafa Benitez, that’s the name.

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huyo ni rafa benitez