Man city Vs. Real Madrid

[ATTACH=full]318102[/ATTACH]Fernando de Jesus…viva!

Etihad airways, my favorite intercontinental transit plug. Those who know, know…hehehe

Karim benzeeeeema

Hehehe…city leo wanalaza mtuuu

Los Merengues fanya mambo

Champions League bila Manchester United na Arsenal huwa tasteless. Au vipi @uwesmake . It should be abolished coz hakuna pesa UEFA ina make. I hear 2022 UEFA is planning to amend it. Ikuwe team za wazito ziko ndani.
Hakuna vile AC Milan vile ilifanya hio okombee ya maskio ikuwe lucrative halafu ghasia kama Tottenham wakuje kudoea.

if things go the same way as the Europa League, all the home team will win and Man City wins this.

I am for any team that qualifies outright plays in the CL, but money talks.

look how Atlanta and Leipzig have made this tournament interesting.

Since game ya leo haitakuwa na mafans, Real Madrid stand a chance… It’s a must win for them or it’s bye bye Champions league.


Lakini UEFA should be creative warudishe intertoto cup where zile team za championship number one and two goes to that tournament. Halafu winner anaqualify for Europa League. Ikuwe kama Ka tourna.

Hizi ni zile mavi hubaki Kwa kucha yako after kutoka kuosha mkundu unapotoka Kwa Choo.

Government oil vs Government bank.

Government Derby.

I’m pretty sure he takes a biting after wiping his smelly ass or why would he be obsessed with mavi emojis?

Yaaani wanakamua real kama watoi

[SIZE=5]GOAL - Man City 1-0 Real Madrid (Agg: 3-1)[/SIZE]
Raheem Sterling (nine mins)
Terrible error in defence!
An absolute gift for Manchester City as Raphael Verane dithers on the ball deep inside his own box. Gabriel Jesus has all the time in the world to pinch possession and he swiftly finds Raheem Sterling, who sidefoots home for his 100th goal for the club.
Real Madrid still need to score twice, but they could have done without such an awful start.

[SIZE=5]GOAL - Juventus 0-1 Lyon (Agg: 0-2)[/SIZE]
Memphis Depay (Pen 12 mins)
How’s your composure? Memphis Depay with a delightful Panenka right down the middle and Juventus need to score THREE now…

[SIZE=5]GOAL - Man City 1-1 Real Madrid (Agg: 3-2)[/SIZE]
Karim Benzema (29 mins)
Game on!
Superb header, no stopping that as Rodrygo delivers a perfect cross from the right and Karim Benzema rises to nod powerfully beyond the dive of Ederson.
It was an awful start by Real Madrid but they have improved in the last few minutes.


[SIZE=5]GOAL - Juventus 1-1 Lyon (Agg: 1-2)[/SIZE]
Cristiano Ronaldo (Pen 43 mins)
Of course! Cristiano Ronaldo sends Anthony Lopes the wrong way and sidefoots in his 129th Champions League goal.
Blur on the PA, Juve need another two goals though…

saidieni peasant na link ya ku stream ya Real Madrid buana… nav score imekataa ku launch kwangu

City wako chini defence