Man caught pants down with sheep

Shock engulfed Karandi Sub-location,
Lanet Ward in Nakuru when a young
man had sex with a neighbour’s
John Maina, 21, was in the process of
carnally knowing the sheep on
Thursday when he was caught by
children who were playing in the
The children alerted their neighbour
who caught the man in the act and
apprehended him.
“This is a devilish act.” said Joram
Murage, a resident.
Lucy Wambui, the owner of the
sheep said that she noticed that one
of her sheep was missing.
“I noticed one sheep was missing
and I started searching for it but in
the process, a neighbour came to me
and told me that Maina was with the
sheep,” said Wambui.
Wambui added, “I thought he was
taking care of it but to my dismay, I
was shocked to learn that he had sex
with it.”
Lanet Chief Susan Wangari confirmed
and condemned the act terming it a
shame to Lanet residents.
She said that such shameful acts
would only tarnish the image of her
location and said she would do
everything to eliminate such acts.

hii njaa naona ni mob

His name betrays him, Animal husbandry is a common practice among the folks from central.