Man builds dream house from recycled timber

This shit is nxt level… I am i sold!!

Brilliant house ideas


3 bedroom mabati house nataka quotation asap @Randy

I would hesitate to call that recycled timber; it looks more like premium timber.

Did you watch the video…

Huwa inaitwa three roomed house shoga mkuu

Io if you exercise a little brain power unaweza jifanyia.

I did and I think the chances of coming across bone-dry, decades-old timber in such a good condition are low. That’s why I see them as premium.

He mentioned they are 70yrs old and he had to sand them to bring them to that condition.

I meant to say 70-year old timber in that condition is almost premium.

Mabati 56 will complete and 5kg mabati nails 4kg 4 inch nails and 2kg 5 inch nails 42 post 12 feet 16 runners 6 kofia ya mabati labour ya three days 10 cements 20 wheelbarow sand kokoto 35 wheelbarows 3 red oxide 3 windows one main door 2 wooden doors za bedroom 6 hinges 2 locks 2 litres bermuda blue paint for doors and windows all the best

lead oxide

Too much glass

I love what the guy did here.

Like he said: Don’t overthink. Plan, put it into practice and if it doesn’t work, change it and move on.

Procrastination is the biggest killer of progress.

I wish you could have done breakdown costs of the same,well let me grind with what you have given,thanks.