Malindi Tours & Watamu Tours

Take a break from your busy life and head to a sunny, laid-back oceanfront resort in Watamu, Kenya. During your stay, the entire family will revel in plenty of land and water activities for all ages and energy levels. During the day, you can play tennis, lounge by one of the pools with a refreshing beverage or take to the water — the gorgeous white-sand beach just steps away. At night, savour cool breezes while you relish a glowing sunset across the Indian Ocean horizon.


Embark on a tour at Watamu Marine National Park & Reserve, a UNESCO-protected area. It’s widely recognized for its rich population of plants, birds and marine life, including green turtles and coral gardens.


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We know, and nobody feels the pinch like sisi watu wa Malindi. But what you see on the news is not what is on the ground.