Mali wants the French out, punda amechoka


This is neo colonialism imagine mali putting its troops in France

Without west Africa France economy is par with Egypt, south Africa na ogas. Meffi hao

Gaddafi had a solid golden plan of freeing francoporn countries. Obama na Farance walimpiga makombora haraka sana. Africa bonobo must remain poor and keep producing raw materials from enjoyment of the imperialists.

Good. Am glad old leaders are being overthrown and dying.

The new guys at least have a brain. Now that’s a protest I would join.

Na hawa France ni nini wanataka na Africa banae? This ghasias wameshinda kuangaisha former African colonies to the core. Meffi hao.

Without uranium from Niger France wouldn’t have stima. They rely on nuclear energy.

As for oil that is self explanatory.

They dont want France to leave, they want France to give them more money.

For instance Mali has gold , Uranium, bauxite, manganese, iron ore, limestone, phosphates and uranium, oil and gas. France inaingilia wapi?

France gets Uranium from Niger, oil mainly from Saudi Arabia and Norway… so Malians need to get their shit in order.

In today’s world France doesn’t need raw bauxite, they just purchase recycled alluminium from China or India.

You have seen Britain not being interested in Kenya’s raw oil. They don’t need it, they have other choices. Mali needs factories for smelting ores and oil refineries so that they can compete with India and China.

Your happiness is actually short-lived, if not misplaced…Putin is orchestrating the whole thing and sneaking in:

No one wants raw materials. China and India are the only countries today that buy raw materials.

Even oil is now being refined in China and India.

Point is if you want to make money you better start processing your own raw materials and sell them as billets. Even things like cotton, people want fabrics not raw cotton.

Australia relies on selling raw materials to China but even they are finding it very tough. China can get raw materials anywhere they please and not just in Australia. Plus they are tired of pollution. Australians don’t want pollution on their home soil, they want the pollution to take place in China.

Actually, the one who could have saved Gadaffi was Silvio Berscolini but during that time Silvio was being fought by EU and Obama.
Silvio regrets saying that he thought Gaddafi could handle it.

If it was cnn reporting the deployment of american troops… hatunge pumua.

Wue wue. Today you must have had a cheap vodka from Total wine and more. Britian has been gone from colonial manenos for decades now. The dynamics changed. A country neeeds to learn to walk before they fly. A minimum 35-40 year process for a well determined one. 3rd world countries must first step through becoming genuinely developing ( eg a Brazil or Argentina) before being on the same level as a China. Brazilians build their own highways.

Britain needed an uninformed public ( in colonies) to colonize certain nations. That changed after Ww1.

France couldn’t buy Uranium from the same source as Japans or Germanys supplier? I find the above claim tough to swallow.