Malaria and The Anopheles Mosquito

I was having a conversation with a medic the other day. And he made what I consider a very funny comment. He said that malaria is transmitted between 1000 Hrs and 0400 Hrs every night. Walevi in effect stand the highest chance of getting the most of the anopheles moquito love bite.
How true is this…

NB. Sina mbisha ya anopheles moosquito love bite.

Mosquito za kwetu hu-operate na shifts. Kuna za 2200-0600, 0600-1400 na 1400-2200

@vuja de naskia pipeline kunguni zimeleta shida

Bado hazijafika kwangu 8th floor


How long do they take to climb up one floor?

Hizo vitu ni terrible some years ago while coming from coast we had drunk most of our cash the previous night and had little money left. So when returning to nai, modern coast and their counterparts were out of the question. sasa sisi hao kwa chania cool. I tell you there’s nothing cool about that bus, safari ikaanza tukajiseti backbench so that we sip our hangdown liquor in peace then sleep. Wacha tufike mariakani! Naskia kuwashwa washwa tu. Very painful, and irritating i had never been bit by kunguni before. The conductor came for the receipts and we asked him wth is going on. Akacheka tu. Surprisingly other passengers ni kama were used to the bugs so they weren’t complaining much. Kufika voi was hell ilikua nikama the whole journey. Tulipofika mtito i rushed to the washrooms removed all my clothes and sprayed them with doom which we had changad to buy. My body was swollen all over. Nakwambia i couldn’t wait to get to the house na nguo niliwacha hapo nje kama chizi na kuingia bafu Hehe. These are the worst parasites you can get afadhali panya haikuli watu


hizo nguo ungechoma

If you use public transport especially in Eastlands, it’s most likely you have already imported some of those dawned bugs into your house and at the moment they are silently multiplying. Wait till they become many enough. Peaceful sleep will become only a word you hear and read about.

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I liked those jeans so i soaked them in a cocktail of jik, omo, and harpic for three days.
Naskia kamoja kakiingia kwako katage mayai its hell

Inasemekana Forward Travellers matatus ziko na kunguni sana

zikitaga afadhali uhame uchi I hear the eggs are resilient as hell they can remain dormant for the longest time

Siku ingine nikiwa ocha, there was a function the next day, so watu wa nairobi tulikuwa tumejaa. There was very little space so ikabidi nimelala kwa nyumba ingine mzee. Vile niliumwa na kunguni! Asubuhi nilikuwa nimefura uso all over. Kila mtu alisema eti hizo ni ma dent za ulevi na kupigana, no matter how much nimejitetea


God forbid i can imagine if that were to be a daily experience. Kwani hazina dawa?

Make that 2200Hrs, not 1000Hrs. Mbisha ndiyo hii:

What do you think can finish bedbugs kabisa?

Bedbugs hazitawahi isha kwako kama kwa jirani bado zipo. Same with cockroaches.

They once invaded hostels in KU but every room was sprayed including mattresses and that worked. Very nasty creatures.

That’s the idea. If you only spray your house but your neighbor doesn’t, zitarudi tu. Plus, some matatus/buses have them.

It feels like bedbugs increased with the congestion in the city, the conditions are favourable for them.