@Makonika and @Uwesmake, Navy Seal, confirm this...

When a pack of around 15 stray dogs confronted me, I knew it’s going to be me or them… it was easier than thought, as the came towards me I switched to attack mode and ran very fast towards them, when closing in at a distance of 10meters, I pretended to pic something from the ground (it was at night) and increased my speed towards them without a word. At this point their leader screeched and made a 180deg turn and the rest followed suit… the hunters became the hunted. Nilizipea lift mpaka main road.

Sawa Robinhood

hizo ni zile @vuja de hupita nazo, there are dogs just trained to be bad ass and thats there job, u have a weapon u don’t, they will attack if u trespass
"a pack of around 15 stray dogs ":D:D:D

mbona sikuamini

Hata mimi siamini, reason why I’m asking for confirmation.

Robin Hood mwizi anakujia wapi?

Hakuna hata mbicha ya chiwawa ,my fren

Stop doubting the professor

If you ever have an encounter with a dog just sit down and look at it,

:D:D…lakini kusema ukweli battalion ya “wapi mbicha”…mtu anaezaje chukua evidence kwa hali kama iyo?

Bado wazee wanakimbizana na maumbwa,smh

Hii mitaa imejaa special forces. Sijui kwa nini Shabaab wanatusumbua hivi when we have so much talent…

What about a pack of dogs?

Hio hekaya iko sawa Hadi iko na photoshop

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry born in some upcountry village knows dogs fear thurakus. Just run towards them and pretend to collect some thurakus and throw at them and they will run away at a breakneck speed.

hizi zinakuwaga vipii’s tales. ni doggie gani iliongea kama punda wa ballam ikasema ni siafu wanaogopa?

huwa hata tunashika simba mkia na hatusumbui

Kama @1824?


Lucky you.
We’d like to know how to come out alive after an encounter with a dog or even a pack of dogs… leave alone a lion.