Making money using affiliate marketting

1.Android phone ie samsung, infinix,nokia,tecno, etc or iphone
2. A few data bundles
Here is what you need:-
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Step 2:
then click on profile and scroll the the verify me option and follow those simple steps
Step 3:
After approval you will be credited 100 bob
Step 4:
Cash it out to mpesa

Remember: Each person you refer and he successfully verifies thier profile, you get credited 100 bob

Hii ni advert.
Utapewa till number na @administrator

Nikiget iyo 100 naitoa ikiwa pekee yake?
ama lazima ifike pesa mingi?

Lol, I have to download shit

did you guys try this? unortunately sku izi wanadai utransact 60 b0b ndo uwuthdraw plus walipunguza mpaka 60 referal bonus. seesmthe company went broke… hehe