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Post anyways of making money online to this thread please

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Who the fuack is you supposed to be?

How YouTube pays per view - Entertainment - Kenya Talk

Most surveys sites are scams. The other ones aren’t even survey sites, they are just Ponzi and Pyramid schemes that you have to pay to make money.

Most survey sites don’t allow Kenyans or Africans on them.
You need a good VPN to access them. Set VPN to USA. However, some websites go ahead and detect Proxies and VPNs thus make one out of luck.

You can look up the master list of the survey sites on Look up on the sidebar to find them. People also post new ones as new posts everyday.

The other sub, is catered for Americans.

Surveys pay peanuts most of the time. Some require non VOIP American phone numbers while some require a video call job interview. Those weed out Kenyans.

One has to resort to lying while creating a profile on survey sites. Say you are an IT expert, a middle income white American, 2 cars, 2 kids. That way, you get more surveys.

Most of the time, people who know survey sites that pay well, never tell anyone. Kenyans have a reputation of doing the surveys badly and getting all Kenyan ips blocked.

Personally, I have been paid by Bulbshare, music channel. The app is by invite only. You can’t join manually. I was paid 6€ for doing a 5 minute survey. Then Kenyans started posting porridge in cups photos and they weeded all of us out.

I am yet to cash out of YouGov. They pay using Paypal and Amazon gift cards. You can sell those gift cards on Reddit at a discount.

There are other numerous apps. Pollpay and the rest. They pay like crap but people survive in them. 0.37$ for a survey blah blah.

Sometimes, there is high end surveys. Recently, I saw a guy paid 900$ twice by Disney for a survey. Of course, he told me after it came to an end. I don’t know how people hear of those surveys.

There is also a method where web publishers sign up for BAT and cash out the money. I don’t know how these people are getting that much traffic but Kenyans are cashing out up to 30K. Brave paid on August 5th. The next payment is on September 5th. A web publisher should shed more light on this.

BAT is Brave browser cryptocurrency. When you use Brave, you earn BAT if you accept to receive their ADS. You can then donate this BAT to publishers who have signed up for it. I have gotten 18 ads since I reinstalled Brave which is about 1.8$. This one thus is meant for Web Creators.

Somebody here once posted a good survey site that requires VPN to use. Kuna talker alikua amelemewa na maisha and he was given the link to try. I have looked for that site nimekosa.

Respondent pia.
Watu waongeze

Hakuna pesa online. Yule mtu anatengeza pesa online ni graduate mwenye anafanya job ya chenye amesomea, online.

  1. Selling your old stuff on olx.
  2. Offering “massages” pale tagged/Badoo/tinder.
  3. Joining Fiverr
    4start youtube channel
    5 online writing.
    6 selling your Bitcoin
  4. Scamming people (more than 40 diff ways)
    8write a book and sell it on Kindle.
  5. Become a cam girl.
    … Will type others later… jam umeanza kusonga.

guys nataka kujaribu huku… @Deorro anyadvise?

Brave pay per active installation of the browser that you have referred someone too. Provided they use of more than 1 month you make it

Ask me any question about youtube

Which are the best products to market on YouTube?

Selling your nudes @ pornhub/ members only telegram channels.

You can market anything, but you first have to identify a niche build an audience then market the product

How does this work, details.

Dieting and exercise are probably the biggest and easiest things you can market on YouTube. Very easy to get into

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