Making money online - Google adsense money

So it’s true people make beer money from Google Adsense. Just in my 2nd month since i started a product review website and this is my earnings so far. I believe in 6 months time I will be somewhere around 4 zeros.

Share your stories on Google monies.

which niche are you in?

Tech devices ( phones and pcs)

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where i your target audience? 2 months is impressive

All the best.

Rookie numbers

What are your numbers?

You need hundreds of millions of views/ clicks to make serious money…Especially if the audience is mostly Kenyan

Australia / UK

I realised so. But my TA is not Kenyan market.

Congrats, not bad for a 2 month old website!

How many articles do you have on the website?

I’m trying the same for a different niche, but a global target market.

You must have published hundreds of articles. Uko na ngapi sahii

236 articles
Most are videos and short write ups of features comparisons.

236 articles
Most are videos and short write ups of features comparisons.

…[SIZE=5]in 6 months time[/SIZE] i will…

Don’t jinx yourself!

I’m also doing this. It’s good you have taken action. Keep it up, as those numbers look good. You are going places, coz you have landed on tier 1 trafiic countries. You should consider adsense alternatives for more revenue, once it picks up.

It is good to target the 1st World in business… at least they have the money to pay for the adverts to Google who will share it with you and even more important, the income is in US Dollars… Keep it up!

Nice one on starting your product review website and raking in those Google Adsense bucks! It’s awesome to see your hustle paying off. Making that beer money is just the beginning, right? Keep grinding, and who knows, you might be hitting those four zeros sooner than you think.As for sharing stories on Google monies, I’m still getting my feet wet in the online money-making game. But hey, if you’re looking to diversify your income streams, have you ever checked out online apps that pay? They’re like your side hustle buddies, always there to help you stack that cash whenever you’ve got some free time.