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                                [SIZE=7][B]Chaturbate Token Value[/B][/SIZE]

On Chaturbate, there are two systems for obtaining the value of tokens. One is for the token buyers, the other is for paying the broadcasters (models). For token buyers (the cam viewers, tippers, etc), the price is from $10.99 to $7.99 per one hundred tokens depending on amount purchased at once. But to pay the broadcasters, Chaturbate takes forty to fifty percent depending on the amount of tokens purchased by users (see below), and pays the rest to the broadcaster, leaving the broadcaster with exactly $5 per one hundred tokens. So to broadcasters, Chaturbate token value is exactly five dollars for every one hundred tokens earned.

[SIZE=6]For token buyers[/SIZE]
100 tokens for $10.99;
200 tokens for $20.99;
500 tokens for $44.99;
750 tokens for $62.99;
1000 tokens for $79.99

[SIZE=6]For paying the broadcasters[/SIZE]
Token Converter »
The amount of tokens you see in your account is your own share — Chaturbate has already taken their own share before showing you the amount of tokens you have! They took their own share when the buyer bought the tokens, not after they tip you.
So, as a broadcaster or model, you receive exactly $5 per 100 tokens. The amount is constant for models even when it changes for token buyers depending on how much they purchase at once. That is why models get fifty to sixty percent. So for models:
20 tokens = $1;
100 tokens = $5;
500 tokens = $25;
1000 tokens = $50;
10000 tokens = $500;
1 token is worth 5 cents.
How much can you make as a broadcaster on Chaturbate? Find out here.

are these prices what the webcam girls/models get.
assuming 1$ is 100Ksh

kuna Models wa Kenya naona wanapata Tokens 1000 per day.
so hio ni 5000Ksh per day.
assuming wapate 20 days pekee. hio ni 100,000Ksh per month.
kuonyesha tu mwili, hio ni amount poa sana.

kuna hidden ama extra charges ama pesa inakuliwa mahali before niamue kujoin ama nitafute dame tujoin tunukishe kitunguu?

Do you have a vagina?

Chartubte is hard. You are competing with millions others to showxase your nude videos. Worse of kama wewe ni jareeer. The ebony/black niche haina market chartubate

make money on masturbate,now that is a cash cow

@T.Vercetti @poyoloko @Agwambo @imei2012 munaitwa mukionyesha mkundu chaturbate munalipwa mangapi

Very true. Na shida pia ni most Kenyan girls currently on chartubate have the sex appeal of a wet mop. Poor lighting, amateur angles, no ramp up, yaani ni kama kuoga na kipande. It’ll get the job done but aiiii hapana. Wamezoea “K is constant” crowd. Mwili kama roto tank, lingerie ni top ya 15 bob na makeup ni kama she lost a bet to Pennywise.
Meanwhile girls from Eastern Europe, south America, and other places are doing the absolute most. We have beautiful women but they’re not doing this thing professionally.The smart ones will have a good camera, good routines they can show, take care of their bodies and look fine, dress up kidogo and show they are actually bad bitches. Then once they have a nice little community, they can offer personalized shows, get a virtual boyfriend and work their way to getting expensive gifts.
Lakini sasa hawa wanafikiri huko ni Rico ama Eden ama SJ.

no i dont have.
but i can lease one.

cheki hawa wako goal 7.
ni kila goal ni 1000 tokens.
zo hizo ni 7000 tokens = 7000/1000 = 7, 750 = 350$ = 350100 = 35,000Ksh. ciku moja

but kenye munacema n ukweli.
kuna madame humake 10,000 tokens in 3-4 hours maze.

still don’t understand why one pays for porn when 98% of the internet is free porn !

also dont forget there are rich White people who would love to humiliate Black girls.
so watakulipa uingishe dildo kubwa ama fisiting.

Kwani wewe uko nchi gani, ama unatumia VPN? Naambiwa the room isn’t available in my country na sijiskii kuingia Opera mini ku-activate VPN.

i think you should be thanking your lucky stars.
it’s an addiction that’s hard to beat.

same way people pay to get apps when you can pirate them, pay for Netflix and you can stream for free.

and live naked people streaming beats already filmed porn.
it might also be a fetish. (they enjoy paying/tipping more than the porn itself)

ata mi nlkua natumia Mozila na chrome alafu natafuta free VPN but ilikua stress.
msee alinichanua hapa Opera mini iko na VPN built ndio natumia sasa.

so itabidi uingie Opera mini msee.
but si madame wasawa but wanaingiza kakitu

Nai-watch, acha wachape hustle :D:D

Niko na beste albino,nikimweka kwa dim lights si itaingiana chief?

i think kwa wakenya, hao ndio waningisha kakitu kuliko wengine.

but msee anafaa apitie hizi sites na akina badoo, tinder before afikirie kuoa.


Im on chartubate, how do I filter for Kenyan content?


Tenkenesa manaku.


Leta ukali kwa mesa.


Ompea ukali.


Kiparua ianse.


Kila mtu kwa spiti yake.


Ukinyonkwa shauri yako, mesa machi.


Pamocha wapaluya tuankamise nchaa.


Cc @Abba , @Jimit[/SIZE]

if you’re using VPN or Opera broweser then go to

  1. choose/click on female tab top left
  2. click on advanced options top right under the sign up
  3. uncheck the visible regions boxes for North America, South America, Asia, and Europe and make sure other is ticked.
  4. it will filter out the rest and now you can choose the model you want.

not all are Kenyans, there are some who are Tanzanian, Ugandan, SouthAfrican.

but if you unmute you can here familiar music or them talking in Kenyan Swahili

if not using VPN or Opera, download Opera and enable VPN.