Make Me Understand

There is this chic I have been supporting (she is a single mum) for 4 months now. She fell for me and has been very open with me about everything (her family, friends,…etc) but I am not that open with her (to me it was a rshp of convenience-just dry fry her as I support her to become stable somewhat). Initially nilimfungulia biz ya kuuza nguo but after a month akasema haina faida. She then decided to hawk the clothes within the estate and was making some money, she later complained of fatigue, kuumwa na miguu na mgongo na hivyo akawacha . Nikamwambia atafute biz nyingine ile yuaona itamfaa (which I had promised to support) but dame hadi sasa hajanipa jibu. So in between amekuwa akiniitisha pesa (ok I pay her rent) mara 2k, mara 1k, mara 2k…in a span of 10 days. Whenever she visits me (like thrice a month) I usually give her 2000 bob (usually on Sunday evening coz she sleeps over from Sato mpaka Sunday) lakini by Friday tena yuaitisha pesa zingine. We having been having dry fry sessions and she wants me to go and see her mum…as in we formalize our rshp so that I can get her pregnant. On Wednesday I gave her 2k na jana tena akawa yuaitisha 1k…hiyo sikumpa. I have had enough of her and wanna end this rshp…am I making the right move here? Ama her expenses warrant a similar top up? Ni gold digger huyu ama? I care for her but I don’t think I love her. I have always wanted to leave her but wished to do so after she is able to at least support herself financially…lakini sijaona bidii yoyote toka kwake ya kutafuta kazi ama nia ya kufanya kazi…should I cut it and leave her? Maanake sasa amekuwa omba omba tu. Hii pesa yote yuapeleka wapi?

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kuna picha brathee!!! nataka kukusaidia kama picha iko…

Picha ya nini? Huyo dame?

Hehehe…huyo wa wedding naye amezidi


Tuko wengi kwa hii maneno, mini dry fry ndio sijapata since day one. Ile siku nitapata I’ll cut my loses. Evidence…[ATTACH=full]2028[/ATTACH]

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Am in a similar situation, this loves me to death.We don’t match age wise etc.she comes from a poor bg, anyways naspend kama 2-5k per week. Dryfry, she cleans,cooks, hot to get stares out there.anyways will pay her off in a few months.

Is she a single mum as well?

Guys mnataka afungue biz ingine na kuma yake ni kibanda…



Vile amesema, that is the business she has settled on.

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Ouch!! :frowning:

@Mwenyewe ,jibu ndiyo hiyo hapo. god knows how many other men she is servicing kutoka Monday to Friday juu wewe ni wa weekend. Na wewe bado ndiyo ulinyonywa mbo kwa warosho? Eishhh Buda!!,you must have a sign on your forehead saying “Babu Jinga”
Ebu skiza hii ngoma,i think they are talking about you…


It always good to let someone know when they are doing wrong that way their can predict the consequences of their actions.

single mothers ni shida ata mimi na nilikuwa nakula wawili mmoja ni financialy stable na mwingine ni dependent na wote walikuwa wanaitisha pesa.

Hehe the stupid things men do for dryfry, if you dont love her mbona umekuwa ATM kwake

If a woman is a single mother for no other reason than being widowed,ogopa yeye and run in the opposite direction!
Yaani some other guy decided to abandon their kid just to escape from the woman and now you think that you are any better than that guy?!!!
I said before on KList and i will repeat it again:Only weak men go for single mothers.Shoot me but its the truth.