MAJOR BLUFF: 12th Dec Inauguration

Came across this pale MKZ


Sijui nicheke, ama nilie:confused:

Some people are still stuck in the denial stage. Pia wapunguze bangi kidogo.

hiyo lazima ni @jaymoh aliandika!:D:D:D:D

UN and AU… Nyehe… he… he mama yangu(laughing like DJ shiti).

so this is the latest new spin? let’s wait for the next one.


The Kool Aid the author of that fantastic sequence of events imbibed is 100 times more concentrated than the mix that killed a multitude in Jonestown, Guyana. :D:D:D


Elections zimeisha buda. Move on with life

na Kalonzo tunaapishia huko Bundestag, yeye ndio ataletwa na EU commandos

I weep. I am very sad that the moron and I would answer to the name Kinyans.

Unfortunately this is what those niggas sitting in veve bases and changaa dens believe

When I tell them Raila is running an 'O’cult they nearly beat me.
It is like they smoke bhang from the top hierarchy to the lowly stone thrower.