Maji ya kunwa kuwa cheap tuu sana

I was used to Keriget drinking water till recently (3 months ago) when a friend introduced me to a refiller who refills the same bottle at 1/3 of keriget price(200bob),so kila mwezi tulikuwa tunaangusha(Maghasia,you all know what I mean) chupa 3 zile za 18.9ltrs.
I have saved fcking kes 1200.
But before nifurahi sana,for those who knows much about those refillers,is their water equally good,sijaona kashida kokote nayo but am like why is there so much price difference btn kina Keriget and the refilled water?

Taste wise, very few brands compare with Keringet. Keringet is also natural mineral water. Hizi za refil huwa maji ya kanjo that has been purified

Hii ni mt Kenya glacier ice melted and purified

Fooling a black man is usually very easy. Weka tu majina za upus e.g sparkling, bottled at the source etc.

It’s painful to watch.

Kimakia, what you and your faggot fuck mate, do, eat, drink etc is none of our business, mbwa

Wengine ni rich whites at a wine tasting event.

Ati if you hold it close, you can smell the earthy tones in this fine champagne. You can smell the summer breeze permeating through the grapes and exploding with an earthy exuberance and texture…:rolleyes:

Nugu saa hio imelewa inatoka huko na carton kumi za cheap crap being hyped as the shiet!!

Matako ya doggie bado hujaacha kuongea umeffi as if you own the site?

Mbwa koko wewe,

Mimi hutumia mvua-nget… harvested from the roof, very sweet!


What do you mean natural boss?

Refilling is good.

The water is filtered naturally in Molo.

Keringet is shit. Ask insiders

Shed some more light on this natural filtration process… I must have missed this while I was there.

Drinking water process is similar for most big brands, difference is where they source the water. For keringeet,they have a borehole, but maybe for dasani it’s kanjo water

If you have time, pass by any Dayliff shop and check out their water purifiers. I stopped buying drinking water last year after installing their under sink RO purifier.

Mbona tuulize na wewe unajua? Bwaga mboga bro

Mbona unajiangusha ivo? Maji ya Tap ya municipal imetreatiwa ni 3 bob mtungi. Maji ya Keringet ni ya kuuzia serikali na wale wako na pesa ya kuharibu. Maji ni maji, hakuna maji mzuri kuliko ingine.
Maji ya municipal huwa ready kukunywa, huyo mtu wa kurefill anabuy 3 bob, anatoa taste na colour kama ziko, anauza mtungi 60 bob. Keringet hufanya the same lakini on a large scale.

The only pure water we have is the one from Mt. Kilimanjaro, haijapitishwa kwa treatment plant yyote, truck drivers buy it at a small shopping centre past Sultan Hamud wanapelekea family zao Uganda na kila mahali.

Am sure you had a rough time in your schooling days,but for once i see you trust Jubilee govt on water treatment bit