Majengo slums

I need a tight pussy here in majengo. Give me directions and rates. Sitaki kugongwa, am a visitor

Are you lesbian Sir?

@admin please save us from these juvenile threads and posts. What must we do before you heed our call?

Eeeeehhh …???


Hang On …
Whatever happened to the Right of Free Speech and Expression …???

It is all in jest man but seriously, mtu akiwa majengo anataka aonyeshwe pahali coomer vendors wako? Badala ata aulize jamaa wa kuchoma mahindi anakuja kusumbua hapa.

I like the one ina brown dress


Same here

With mtandao nowadays, hata msee wa kuchoma mahindi anaweza kuwa kwa hii forum.
@Tin toller Umepata directions?

Trust me, mtu anajua kije, hawes potea njia. :D:D:D:D:D.

Naona vifaranga vimefunguliwa