Maize market in kenya

Hi peoples am asking for anyone who can point me the maize customer in kenya,i have 5000 tons ready to go…


Are you serious? 5 million kilogrammes, almost 60 000 bags?


Umeiba wapi…

I doubt it.
Nikama kusema nime fungua duka nitafutieni watu wa kununua.
Or get in touch with wale wasee wa maize scam.

Yeah,am serious

5 million kilogrammes sio mahindi mingi. io haiwezi kuliwa kenya more than 3 days. talk to Capwell industries kama bei iko mzuri kuliko enye wanapewa na Ukrain.

Lakini ujue “if you have to ask about it… you’re not qualified to do it” either umesikia boss wako akipiga story ama umesoma vitu kwa internet.

Hakuna mkenya ako na 5million kg ya mahindi na hana soko.

Unahitaji 77 40ft containers kudeliver io mahindi. Lorry nane kila moja ifanye trips 10. Uko na pesa ya mafuta?

Wacha kuota kijana, mahindi kiasi hiyo soko ndio itakutafta, not the other way round

Put on some sneekers…
Take a walk to the KEMSA HQ Offices in Industrial Area, Nrb…
If you find any Queue there, just join it…
You’ll be awarded a tender to supply maize for those unlucky chaps under isolation due to Covid19…

Ungemuuliza kama amemaliza mogoka…

Lori iko,

Boss, how have you stored that amount of maize? Acquring it is not the greatest problem, storing it is. Grain storage especially maize is the greatest headache for grain handlers.

Uko wapi na bei Ni how much I need 10000Kgs


that’s my exact thinking

Achungane na ma broker wale mafisi

Where have you stored them? What’s the quality and price?

If the price is good and quality passable you could check with the small and medium sized millers… You will need several of them to clear stock.

If the quality and price is great try too the large millers…

Those are only 56 ,90kgs bags,all i would say sell to millérs before they become flooded in the market

Retarded fagget