maina and chameleon

whats it with this maina guy and chameleon, kila siku lazima acheze wimbo yake and i’m sure sio eti kila siku mtu hurequest.Tena lazima amtaje na amsifu sijui this guy is great and all that crap…is it just me who sees what is going on?

stop thinking too much… may be he likes his songs

whatever happens between 2 men behind closed doors…

now that you have put the thought in my head I can’t shake it off. Smoke on the mountains…

Pure bromance

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Vile @junkie amesema, next item


Nipatiwe leso na stool.

Seriously, I had also noticed it and questioned myself why he was praising each of Chamillion’s songs that much every morning.


Iko mtu anakamuliwa

Minor Car Gay knee

aii hii sasa mnahate.hii ni bromance tu

anunuliwe pads pia, mwezi iko kwa kona

Hii yote ni upuus

gossip na mushene…eishhhh dudes…u need a salon

chameleon’s songs are cool acha wivu

Nafkiri ni nyimbo anapenda tu,wacha ku overstretch mawazo boss.Badilisha

Maina was the first radio presenter in Kenya to play Chameleon’s song which catapulted him to fame. He has all the reasons to thank Maina for the push to stardom. I guess Maina doesn’t mind basking and savouring the glamour and drama that’s Chamelleon’s life

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