maid caught having sex..infront of the bosses child

just two weeks ago, a Ugandan
house help was caught on camera
beating a two year old girl
senseless. Another one from
Kasarani also beat up a kid badly
and when we thought the drama
was over, another house help in
Nairobi’s Highrise Estate was
caught on camera having sx with
a strange man as her boss’ two
year old child watched.
26 year old, Everlyn Osebe
Omweli, confessed that she
invited a man to her employer,
Mr. Kang’ethe’s home at Highrise
Estate and the two had s
x at the
sitting room as the employer’s
child watched them.
Mr. Kang’ethe said that he
decided to watch the nanny cam
videos after watching the
Ugandan woman beating a child
and was shocked to see Osebe
having s£x in front of the kid.
Below is what she said;
“After two days, I downloaded the
pictures and could not believe
when I saw my maid having s£x
n@k£d with a man in my sitting
room while my child watched.”
Osebe was arraigned in court and
police were given 21 days to
conclude investigations before the
court makes a ruling.

Na wale hawana nanny cams, what goes on?

bei good question…

that child will have a terrible life