Maid Abuse

A Ugandan Maid working in a Saudi Arabian home with a disturbed Child …


This nonsense goes on daily …

Entebbe airport,has almost 300 going to the gulf weekly. Not sure if they are promised red carpet reception by the middle East camels

That why I feel NOTHING when Arabs are slaughtered ANYWHERE …

Nothing at all …


Mwafrika ni mjinga…hako katoto natwanga mpaka Sheikh akuwe summoned.

Arabs should be eliminated from the face of the earth


YYou’ll be castrated. That kid has more rights than you an African.

The irony is that there’s probably cctv cameras for when the help dares to lift a finger against the errant Arab pre-teen

Doesn’t matter somebody needs to set precedence.

This is sickening. She can easily stab the lady.

Who ever takes these girls to gulf promising them heaven should be castrated.

Sad sad sad.

I cant watch…If our African sisters must go to the gulf…UAE is the best bet…Here the government banks so much on foreign manpower and tourism so they guard them…Kenyans here run the show,especially in an emirate called Sharjah na pia in Dubai area za Deira…its like river road in kanairo. There could be isolated cases but ni very rare…very rare!! @kush yule mnono can attest to this.

Its been happening for eons yet these bonobos keep pouring into the sheep shaggers’ countries to get slaughtered…dont hate the player,hate the game

There is one big Office on Tom Mboya Street with 2 shifty eyed guys ( admin ) and 4 women ( marketers ) telling them with big smiles what wonderful salaries and perks await them …

The reality is far more gruesome…
Shenzi Kabisa , these Fu*king Arabs … !!!

That’s a mentally disturbed child, they act that whatever the race.

Problem is Ugandan maids don’t speak up. If that was Kenyan, it’d be all over the groups and mainstream media. Basically, Kenyan girls rarely take bad treatment lightly.

siwesi klik

Kenyan women walienda huko Qatar wakapatikana na HIV. Sasa wamekaziwa. Halafu Ugandan women wanauza kuma sana gulf na bei ya jioni.