meanwhile pale magufulistan the drunkard shuts down second newspaper, bans the weekly MwanaHalisi for two years after accusing it of inciting violence.

I agree with him.Incitement of violence should not be tolerated.


Na pia hii mambo ya different headlines for different regions shouldn’t be tolerated.


He magufulied 'em

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that is what our local dailies have resorted to…

Kuna kitu in business inaitwa market segmentation. They are just trying to make money.

By the way headline ya Nation ya Kenya ilikuwa inasemaje? Huku North Kavirondo “Maraga’s rare fury in the wake of protests” …(the meek lamb).

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that’s how a president works. sio kuuliza mrai “mnataka nifanye nini jameni”…brare fokof


Magufuli akuje huku aban Nairobi diaries (or whatever that socialites show is called) plus vernacular radio stations

There are some vernacular tv stations that show movies especially action movies with weird narrations.It’s annoying even though i don’t watch them.Those kind of movies should be banned from tv stations.

Zinaitwa mtangazo… You should give them the benefit of doubt and watch. Its akin to watching a football on a muted tv and radio commentary. Hilarious

I remember when i was young there used to be those open movies mtaani that used to be shown at night.They had such narrations.We used to watch outside social home at embakasi.For those who know embakasi village will know where social hall is.

watoto ketini…ama zilikuwa zinaitwaije…but try to watch a dj afro movie utafurahi…i ussually watch one when i feel down or upset

I don’t think i can stand such movies.

I love it when he gives black actors accents from whichever tribe he thinks of.