Magufuli finally kisses the Chinese ring.

He thought he was an independent man. :smiley:

He thought he could do it without foreign interference … but amemwagiwa Covid hadi akakubali. Na vile aliona Trump ameshindwa in November Magufuli finally kissed Xi Jinping’s ring.

Tanzania is now ready for a serious butt fuck extravaganza Chinese style.

[SIZE=6]Xi Jinping Speaks with Tanzanian President John Magufuli on the Phone[/SIZE]
On the evening of December 15, 2020, President Xi Jinping had a phone conversation with Tanzanian President John Magufuli.
Xi Jinping once again congratulated Magufuli on his re-election as Tanzanian president. Xi Jinping pointed out that the traditional friendship between the two countries was forged by the elder generations of their leaders. China always views and develops its relations with Tanzania from a strategic and long-term perspective. No matter how the international and regional situation changes, China will always be Tanzania’s reliable friend and comrade. China firmly supports Tanzania pursuing its independent development path in line with its national conditions, and is ready to work with Tanzania to intensify high-level exchanges, consolidate political mutual trust, and continue to firmly support each other on issues involving each other’s core interests and major concerns. China supports more Chinese enterprises investing in Tanzania, and stands ready to expand cooperation in infrastructure construction, resource development, agriculture, manufacturing and other fields. China is willing to work with Tanzania to synergize development strategies of the two countries and jointly implement the outcomes of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and the Extraordinary China-Africa Summit On Solidarity Against COVID-19, boost cooperation within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, and promote the comprehensive cooperative partnership between China and Tanzania to a deeper and more solid level, so as to make contributions to the building of a China-Africa community with a shared future.
Magufuli thanked China for its solid political support before and after Tanzania’s presidential election, and spoke highly of the great achievements China has scored under President Xi Jinping’s outstanding leadership. Over the years, Tanzania-China relations have maintained sound development, and Tanzania has greatly benefited from China’s considerable assistance for the country’s economic and social development. Tanzania regards China as an important and reliable friend, and stands ready to consolidate traditional friendship, strengthen exchange of experiences in state governance, and deepen cooperation in economy, trade, investment, agriculture, tourism and other fields with China. Tanzania firmly supports China’s position on Xinjiang and Hong Kong issues, which concern China’s core interests, and stays committed to taking an active part in Belt and Road cooperation. Tanzania is ready to play an active role in pushing forward cooperation under the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and Africa-China solidarity.

January 8, 2021. China Belt and Road officially coming to Tanzania. Turkey out!! China in!!!
[SIZE=7]Tanzanian president meets with Chinese FM on bilateral ties[/SIZE]
Source: Xinhua| 2021-01-09 04:24:22|Editor: huaxia
Tanzanian President John Magufuli (R) shakes hands with visiting Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi during their meeting in Chato, Tanzania, on Jan. 8, 2021. (Xinhua/Long Lei)
CHATO, Tanzania, Jan. 8 (Xinhua) –

Tanzanian President John Magufuli met here with visiting Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday.
Magufuli asked Wang to convey his sincere greetings and best wishes to Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Magufuli said the older generation of leaders from Tanzania and China met with sincerity and jointly forged profound friendship between the two countries.
The Chinese people have always been good friends and brothers of the Tanzanian people, said Magufuli, adding that Tanzania is deeply grateful for the great help provided by the Chinese people in its struggle for national liberation and development.
Tanzania is willing to continue to carry forward the traditional friendship between Tanzania and China, and will stand firmly with China on all issues involving China’s core interests and major concerns, said Magufuli.
Noting that China has made remarkable achievements in economic development and bilateral economic and trade cooperation is win-win and mutually beneficial, Magufuli said Tanzania is ready to deepen cooperation with China, expand exports to China and attract more Chinese investment.
Tanzania is ready to become the gateway for Chinese enterprises to explore the eastern and southern African markets and join hands with China to usher in a new era of common development between the two countries, he said.
For his part, Wang Yi said China and Tanzania have profound and long-standing traditional friendship, which is the precious treasure of both countries and should be cherished, carried forward and continuously injected with new connotation of the era.
Wang said Tanzania was the first African country that President Xi Jinping visited after he took office as the Chinese president in 2013. During that visit, Xi proposed the principles of sincerity, practical results, affinity and good faith for China to deal with its relations with Africa.
China is ready to make joint efforts with Tanzania to implement the important consensus reached by the two heads of state, and push for the comprehensive cooperative partnership between China and Tanzania, Wang said.
China appreciates Tanzania’s consistent and firm support on issues concerning China’s core interests. China will also firmly support the Tanzanian government in its governance efforts and its opposition to foreign interference, said Wang, adding that China-Tanzania cooperation is South-South cooperation and mutual help between brothers.
China was once a comrade in arms in Tanzania’s struggle for national independence and is now a partner in Tanzania’s development and revitalization, said Wang.
“We support more Chinese enterprises to invest in Tanzania, expand cooperation in infrastructure, resources and energy, agriculture, livestock, manufacturing, medical and health care and other sectors,” said Wang.
Wang also called on the enterprises to properly handle the problems encountered in the cooperation between the two countries, and help Tanzania achieve its independent development goals for the benefit of the Tanzanian people.
On the same day, Wang also held talks with his Tanzanian counterpart Palamagamba Kabudi and jointly met the press. Enditem

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[SIZE=7]Magufuli secures $1.32b China support for Tanzania SGR[/SIZE]
Monday January 11 2021

Tanzania is looking to tap into China’s huge market through reciprocal import and export trade.
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[li]It will cover construction of the 341km long stretch of rail between Mwanza and the dry port at Isaka.[/li][/ul]
Tanzania has signed a contract for $1.32 billion in Chinese support for the ongoing construction of the standard gauge railway.

President John Magufuli signed the contract on Friday with visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi who has been on a traditional New Year whirlwind tour of African capitals. The two met in President Magufuli’s home town of Chato, where the president is spending his leave.

The injection will cover construction of the 341km stretch of railway between Mwanza and the Isaka dry port. Under the agreement, two firms will undertake the project: The China Civil Engineering Construction and China Railway Construction Company.

The Chinese minister also pledged $150,000 to support the expansion of a vocational training centre in President Magufuli’s hometown of Chato, and another $20,000 to boost fishing activities in the Lake Victoria zone.

President Magufuli also used Mr Wang’s visit to press China to scrap Tanzania’s long-standing debts including $137 million for the construction of living quarters for Tanzanian military officers and $15 million for building the now-dilapidated Urafiki textile factory in Dar es Salaam.

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Unaringa na ka website kako ni kukufa kana kufa.

Kijiji iko ng’ang’ari

Mombasa kuko aje?

The chinese are our friends. The west is jealous.

The next few years will be interesting. Macron inferred recently that he is not happy with the state of affairs.

the 2nd coming of Chinku’s in Africa will be disastrous , round hii hakuna diplomacy. Africa was way much better with A Trump Presidency .

Waiting for the CCM bloggers responses :p:D:D:D

Museveni ndio amebaki kuondolewa SGR ifike Kampala and onto Rwanda and DRC and back through TZ.

Remember Museveni and Magufuli weren’t too keen on Chinese loans but kama Magufuli finally ametii…

Museveni also wanted to put up a refinery so Africans can benefit from their oil but Uhuru refused to support the idea.

Basically SGR ikifika Kampala mafuta ya Uganda ipandishwe juu na ipelekwa Mombasa and off to the Port of Shanghai. Na Xi hacheki na watu tena.

Bobby Wine is probably a Xi Jinping project.

The west is so preoccupied with useless issues like gender neutral pronouns and feminism that China has supplanted them in the continent they colonised

Obama came here and the biggest issue for Western journalists was whether he’d push Uhuru on gay rights . That’s how disconnected these Westerners are…

I am keenly waiting for CCM propagandists to spin this move. They always compared themselves with Kenya by saying how they are free from Chinese debt.

But like we said many times in 2018 there is no colonialist who is ever interested in enriching the colonized.

A colonialist only comes to EXPLOIT the colonized while enriching himself!

So don’t fool yourself that China is interested in enriching Kenyans or Ugandans or Tanzanians… no way! They are here to take and exploit.

Xi Jinping wants to offshore his biggest polluting factories to East Africa while at the same time moving the factories closer to the African minerals and raw materials. And the large African population is an excellent market for his goods. And to move those goods he needs good infrastructure hence the new road and rail networks.

Yes indeed money will flow back to China.

What will Africans themselves gain from this arrangement?

Have Kenyans themselves grown richer after the construction of the SGR or poorer?

That is a question only the African can answer.

Niko kapedo mdau

Oooo. Okay.

The key thing is here is chinese won a tender!

Its not a government to government contract!

Man-gufuli already completed the feasibility study and design prior to tendering. Also we expect an independent consultant supervising the work

Man-gufuli rightly put that the specific chinese company that won tender have long history in TZ including construction of tazara and some new bridges build in last 5 years.

So what low IQ discussion is going here?

Nikakuwa president nafanya biashara na Kim Jong Un wa North Korea. Big countries will always shaft you in the end.

Maghufuli ako final lap so anataka pesa ikiingia achukue kidogo.

Wako hapa kina @LuandaMagere