Magufool strikes again

Those Members visiting Tanzania. Keep updated.
Cc: @4makind

Noted… Unless you are flying in/out, road based border points are very porous. Plus Tz is more interested in arresting Miraa from Kenya than any other substance

Round hii magufool ako serious, tried to pass Jana with guys without pp wakakataa, we had nothing to declare

Which border post?

Na pia amefunga mandas moto ingine. Tanzanians watakuwa wanapata news online tu.

PP ni lazima. But checks are minimal. I use Namanga frequently and they hardly check in the vehicle. At the border they normally just ask if you have anything to declare. At the roadblocks they concentrate on incoming vehicles to mainly check for Miraa. Unless you are ferrying cash in suitcases kupatikana ni ngumu.


its always been there across all world borders,tanzanians are just lazy to go through the customs regulatory

Most of the jealousy-driven measures that Magufool tries to implement boomerang on TZ. I wonder what prompted this one.