Magoha asks Schools to use Tree shades as Classrooms


@Nyamgondho if you can recall back in April I told you that this would happen. No new classrooms would be built. Anyway, with which money? I applaud the CS for coming up with local solutions to our problems.

There is no money to build classrooms but thereis 14Billion to be spent on the referendum…Talk of misplaced priorities.

Sijui nicheke


22k might be far off but I think they build some

i love sitting by a tree after a hearty meal and enjoying the breeze, kwanza class za double physics hakuna mtu atalala

Maths in the afternoon

Attention itatoka kwa passersby na anything hata ndege ikiwika ama isusu

The good prof. actually said no country in the world had built new classrooms in response to COVID-19.


Ako na kaupusi

Yes you made a good call on this one. You also made more wrong assertions on that thread too. Lakini ni sawa tu