Magical Kenya brand wanajaribu pia


Ni billioni zetu ngapi zimenyofolewa ndio hio kitu iandikwe hapo?

iyo hutapata ni wazito wa disney wameonyesha goodwill wakawapea hiyo space…but ile budget utaskia imetuka in “marketing our beatiful country to the world”…iyo jina magical kenya kutokea kwa iyo banner pekee ni kitu kama 300m

yaani we v commented at exactly the same time and had the same thought…funny odds enyewe kenya uizi ni obvious…

The Lion King movie, cartoon was inspired here in Kenya. I’m glad we took centre stage in the premiere.

That said I’m happy that this celebrity couple are still going strong. Didn’t think it will last more than a few years. However their decision to keep the private lives - private - has been key.

Wanajaribu kuwaste pesa ya tax payers.

alafu tourist wakifika huku they get harrased by horny rastas pale coast and police asking for papers everywhere else …

A valid point. May be as part of their corporate social responsibility

Beyonce looks fine having added some weight, Jayz naye ni kukonda tu. Kweli marriage is only sweet to women.

Siku hizi watu hawavai suruali

Kama kenya wangefikiria before Rwanda waweke, “visit kenya” kwa jersey ya Arsenal wangekua mbele sana. The west still associate Rwanda na civil war na dictatorship. hawana beaches na variety of wild parks. Wakona gorilla pekee.
Kenya ingepata an edge over Tz na SA with such a move.

Wakenya hawafikirii but isorait

Jay Z anakula kitu safi. Ama bado mtasema pussy ni pussy.


I don’t the fuss in all this shit. Lion King’s origin is in Kenya, from the frase “Hakuna Matata” to been inspired by “Hell’s Gate”, I don’t see why they shouldn’t have acknowledged the origin of Lion King.

The west decided to commercialize our HAKUNA MATARA

haha pliz …when white people came and got inspired by hells gate and made trillions where were you ? then they trade marked hakuna matata where were you ? don’t ask for aknowledgement , wake up and work on your own sh**

You got me all wrong. I see we share the same sentiments but because your brain has gone south to Deez Nuts that why you can’t reason.

it takes one , to know one …

Arsenal sasa. Do you hate your country that much?