MAGGots Killing Fellow MAGGot

They have been selling us their sick narrative that blacks are the violent criminals yet MAGGots can’t even differentiate their own.

Officer Brian Sicknick getting smashed to a pulp by his fellow KKK C,UNTS


Wazungu ni kama tu nyeuthi. It’s just that they don’t get the chance to showcase their mediocrity more often.

@T.Vercetti kuja Uspin kiasi
jungle shit right here:D

They broke his skull with a fire extinguiseher and he died from a massive brain clot in his brain

youve been praising whites for a long time too

YES! Technologically they are 4 centuries ahead of Negroes. That is the truth and I won’t deny it. But they are also crude. Negroes are both Crude and Technologically still using stoneage firmware

Saa hii anakazwa mkia ndio apate za breakfast.

:D:D:D “Brain clot in his brain?” As opposed to brain clot in his ass?

Ni msisitizo. Emphasis so that you can comprehend using your ancient Jungle Firmware Ver 1.0.0


These white things feel extremely proud yet wengi wao tumeshinda. Wametushinda to kwa trechnology