magazine proposals

Following the informative suggestion by our very own @The_Atheist

We would like to request the community for proposals on a design and content for the community magazine…

@Tommy Lee Sparta should be in charge of Graphic Design

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mimi niwekwe kwa Finace

Finace ni nini

Finace ni ulafi bila maarifa…ie in a hurry to eat

No. If indeed you’re serious , you need someone with more skills not basic knowledge of photoshop

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Mtu analipwa per article ama?

I am in

@kabuda to head the hekaya section called me and my Bedford
@uwesmake revives the momo diaries for the wankers
@Unicorn heads a section called ask aunt Unicorn to answer all the distressed souls like Davidee
@Elin will be the firebrand politicians rabid dog propagating all kinds of theories and propaganda against USA the west odm and life in general aided by @Owuadn
@Atheist will be in charge of humor and my life’s escapades section aided by @This is Gold
@junkie heads the mchongoano section aided by @DI BTCHASS
@Purr_27 will be in charge of recruiting monthly models
@pamba will be the moderator or magazine guard
@Mundu Mulosi safeguards the granary
Ongezeeni zingine


Flash Gordon apewe column


@DI TICHA akuwe kwa upuuus corner

Itaitwa caption this assisted by @uncle nyam
@Luther12 pia apewe witch doctor /mganga wa kienyeji and fta and all answers section aided by Google and @Meria Mata

@kush yule mnono i know you will but let me remind you…GO SCREW YOURSELF…Na hio tumbo ntatoboa…

Tafadhali usilete hii ujinga yako hapa… Grow up… Ukileta matusi kama hizi kwa post ya admin utakiona

Ule jamaa wa savita babi magazine to head v.I.p section
Hekaya 1 aka kabuda to head whiners corner.

Mbona nafeel threaten’d…??? Option ni yangu ya kugrow up ama whichever way…Now u grown Ass fella…, mbona usimind ur own interests and take care of ur pitty ASS…OK!!!

hata mimi nipewe colunn yangu

Mimi nataka column ya useless facts

Lets start by getting the idea correct @admin:
What business model are we taking? Do the designers/contributors/ marketers get to own the magazine, or KTalk will own the magazine and pay these people?