Mafisi Chronicles:part 1

Being a fisi is now not just a calling but also a career. Last Sunday, when most of you are nursing your hangovers, I headed to church donning this red tshirt. Its not the newest in my closet but its has the text “mafisi sacco” in Capital Letters boldly written on the back and a big logo with a motto “WE ARE MANY”.

With one of these, even the pastors wife will excuse you for checking out her ass as she sits. You know, ni kama driving licence ya kuangalia Ass bila uoga. I always find this Tshirt encouraging and that’s why I wear it to church. So after church as it always happens people mill in the compund before going home.

Thats where being a fisi becomes a career. I walked around with half a book(kama ya nursery) showing off my cool t-shirt while asking members to join this new Sacco with a nice motto. You could here me say “…If hyenas can start a Savings And Credit Corporation(SACCO) why not we?..” So I charge about 100 bob to join my new sacco. So next Sunday I might be at your church since I cannot go back .

If you see me convincing the pastor to invest the sadaka Just dont ratt me out I didn’t come to the city to see buildings. Plus the ushers are the only females smiling at me nowadays so thats a plus for this Fisi here


Get a life NV

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:D:D:Dnice read bro . I would like to know the origin of mafisi logo. I saw one behind a mat in bamburi and am sure @Meria Mata has something to do with this.


…why would you come to the city to see the building?

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NV ni New Version ama?

:D:D:D:DHii upuss wacha nikachekee nje…

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Admin fungua column ya freshas.

he he he…the struggle for going up the ladder is real.wacheni jamaa akazeni awe snr villager.

ION apewe HOYA awards

Truly i say to you, we are many