MaFans wa Man City and Chelsea

Wachaneni na boy wetu! Yes alipiga penalty ya shoddy and missed but suck it up and move on.
Luckily he has excellent support at home town.
Tukishika moja wenu and I suspect hii ghaseer @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii iko huko ikichochea tutawafinya!

Men this is quite unfortunate, it is just a game of football, for entertainment, people should not take it to heart in such a manner, that bile is unnecessary. There will always be a winner and a loser, that England team is still young and they managed to go all the way. It is not a shame that they lost to Italy, a club with 34 match unbeaten run

Saka wa Arsenali anasemaje mkubwa ?

@Electronics4u jibu swali ya huyo kijana

Mbona hamtetei huyu kijana?

united Kingdom = racist nation today

Waziiiiiiiii! Habana pembeleza mediocrity. These monkeys should know wazungus dont entertain mediocrity, especially that small nigerian monkey Bukayo Saka and the manchieth zebras chief-bottler Ugwechuku Rashford.

Kama unataka kufanya kazi second rate rudi kwenyu Ibadan slums ama mkuje muishi kiandutu bonobo territory na @chap where they take mediocrity for lunch and supper without a care in the world. Hao wajinga wanafikiria just because Arteta and Ole masai tolerate their monkey-like behaviour and averageness pia sisi tunafaa tuvumilie?

U can’t be paid millions per week halafu kazi ni kulea nywele tu. Buana imagine wiki mzima umelipwa millioni kadhaa ukinyambanyamba hapo training ground and the only thing u are tasked to do huwezi fanya. Ghasia hao!

They deserve a harsher blowback than this BTW. They should all be deported, especially Rashford.

Signs of basement IQ detected. Save your sorry ass excuses and lengthy explanations for zebras united when EPL returns to action next month. Huko ndio mumezoea average perfomance and bottling finals. Hizo penalties wangepea Mason, Recce and Foden, players from clubs that actually know how to win matches saa hii okombe ingekua Wembley. Southgate ni jinga sana kama tu @Electronics4u

Ni kilio Tu. Mtumie handkerchief.

So by this rant cr7 pia anafaa kutukanwa hivi. Not a fan of either clubs or players but ur racism is uncalled for

homosexual mkuu,
remind me again , England hulipa Saka, Sancho na Rashford milioni ngapi per week ?

Maliza hio white wannabe.


Jinga, Google is your friend.

your answer shows you are the biggest fool on ktalk

Finish off that fool, he has a basement level II IQ

Go suck your nuts tea boi. Kama hujui kutumia google siezi kufunza

Woow just woow:eek:where is he supposed to be deported to? oh pls do tell us. This young guy is a millionaire, lives in upmarket Chesire, looks after his siblings and has bought a posh house for his mum.
He is a philanthropist to boot and has won several national awards.
Jee wee umefanya nini for Kenyans? and don’t mention your KT ‘achievements’. Such comments are what makes me believe you have never ever been to Europe walai!


@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii is one of the biggest losers on ktalk. It really takes a special breed of loser to go on an online forum and pretend to be a birrionaire. Delusions of grandeur to the extent of downloading pictures to post on ktalk to flex. In real life he is a bottom homosexual hawking his anus to Yahoo Boys in Roysambu and Kilimani.

Good job @uwes and @Waithelelo . Maliseni hio takataka kapsa